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Postgraduate Finance Dissertation Topics That Guarantee Best Grades

Date published June 28 2020 by Stella Carter


“Your first impression is your last impression”.

This phrase is the epitome of dissertation writing. And the first impression is made by your dissertation topic. Your topic is the defining factor whether your dissertation will be successful or not.

To make sure that you make the perfect first impression, our top PhD writers of UK have customized a list of the best finance dissertation topics and finance dissertation ideas you can find online.

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Postgraduate Finance Dissertation Ideas For The Grab, Hurry!!

Postgraduate A study on peculiarities of management and structure on companies that use foreign capital. Case study of venture capital funded firms
Postgraduate Exploring the recession resistant regulations of banking sector to fight corona virus pandemic
Postgraduate Optimization of factors that influence risk management systems in venture capital firms
Postgraduate Exploring the factors of effective management for deficit budget of Venezuela
Postgraduate Exploring the difference on US’s balance of payment statistics for 2019 VS. 2020. A predictive study
Postgraduate A novels study on influence of credits on GDP under cyclic economic development
Postgraduate A study on the chain reaction caused by inflation under conditions of unstable economy. A case study on Venezuela
Postgraduate An analysis of international banking competition of big banks and how has it caused improvement in quality of banking services
Postgraduate A study on the Saudi economic reform under Muhammad Bin Salman and how it has affected foreign direct investments
Postgraduate Exploring the negative effects of financial regulations of banking systems of United States. A case study on the housing market crash of 2008
Postgraduate A critical analysis of trade blocks and how they impact the banking sector. A study on BRIC

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    To make sure that your finance dissertation topics are pursuable and that you won’t face any problem, you need to properly research on them. Some sources you can use to research on them are:

    1. Google Scholar

    Where you can find free peer reviewed publications, books, articles etc from researchers from all over the world.

    1. Microsoft Academic

    It has one of the widest range of academic resources, with over 120 million publications. It also includes conferences and journals

    • World Wide Science

    Also known as the ‘Global Science Gateway’, it is operated by office of scientific and technical information. It has database of around 70 countries.

    1. Refseek

    This academic search engine gives you information from over 1 billion web pages and is more focused towards scientific publications. One key advantage it has is that all the results displayed are in the PDF format.


    Our writers are well aware of these academic search engines and go to great length to provide you with the best dissertation.

    There is no doubt that good dissertation topics plays very significant role in ensuring good grades for your dissertation. But it is not the only thing you need to focus on

    1. Quality of your research
    2. Your writing ability

    Also plays a key role in determining your grade.

    Therefore, the effort you put in finding the right dissertation topic, should be continued in the writing part as well. But if you feel that you might be facing problem, you can always reach out to professional help.

    We at “dissertation proposal” have team of the best academic writers in UK to help you with all of your problems related to dissertation.

    The steps you can follow for conducting post graduate research is:

    1. First you need to discover a problem that you want to address
    2. The research design you formulated that will be followed throughout the process
    3. Sampling of data
    4. Gathering enough data to make sure that the results are valid
    5. Processing the data using statistical techniques of your choice
    6. Analysing the results obtained from processing the data
    7. The conclusion that is drawn and the discovery made through the process.

    Our writers have a lot more key insights like these, that can really help you ace your dissertation.

    Some of the topics that will be trending in the future are:

    1. How the financial world was affected by the pandemic?
    2. Which sectors were not affected by the pandemic, what made them prone?
    3. The effects of development of 5G on the banking systems.
    4. The change of global financial paradigm from unipolar to bipolar. How was China able to accomplish this feat.

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