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Best Religion Research Topics For Students (2022-23)

Date published October 7 2021 by Jacob Miller


Humans have been abiding by religions for as long as one can go back in time. As interest in studying different religions grew the religious studies became popular. The religion topics explore multiple faiths and it does not matter if these faiths are still practiced on a major scale or not.

Although discussing your beliefs is taboo in many places, it has not stopped people from pursuing religious studies regardless of whoever you worship. Even atheists can be a part of this field.

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Importance of Religion Study in Student Life

Students can specialize in any particular era, any religion research topics usually within one of the subfields in which Religious Studies are divided into. Specializations in topics include American Religions, Buddhist Studies, Islamic Studies, Religion, Ethics, and Philosophy, Jewish Texts and Traditions, Late Antiquity, South Asian Faiths.

These studies are important for students as it helps them in their journey towards becoming spiritual. As the final year of your religious studies starts, you have to choose a religion dissertation topic, which is by far the most interesting yet hectic task. This will get you your degree therefore; you must get a good grade on it.

Even an interesting field like that of religious studies will feel like a burden when you have to write your dissertation. Choosing the right topic can be difficult, it should not be too vague and neither should be too complex.

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List of Best Religion Research Topics with Objectives

With our service Dissertation Proposal you can get the dissertation help you require in any topic including religion research topics. The majority of the student’s topics are disapproved in the initial attempt and they have to attend a defense meeting. But if you use our service, we can assure you that your topic will be approved in no time.

Some interesting and best Religion research topics are as follows;

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    1. To discover how women, men, religious leaders, and other prominent figures think about gender equality and women's empowerment.
    2. To provide a comprehensive analysis of the present state of gender equality,
      and empowerment of women in religions.
    3. To categorise religious doctrine and gender-related notions.



    1. To examine the influence of religious convictions among college students.

    2. To determine how religion affects academic achievement among college students.

    3. To explore the effect of religion on academic ethics among college students.



    1. To explore the influence of religious acts in bringing peace.

    2. To identify the role of religious acts in bringing harmony.

    3. To investigate the core teachings of religion about interreligious peace via interreligious discourse.


    1. To examine the significance of religious practices.

    2. To study the effects of religious practices on the social stability.

    3. To recommend how religious practices can promote social stability.


    1. To examine the concept of forced conversions of religion in the society.

    2. To explore the influence of forced conversions on individuals in the society.

    3. To recommend strategies for eliminating forced conversions in the society.


    1. To study the role of religious leaders in politics.

    2. To investigate the approaches of religious leaders to reconciling politics and religions.

    3. To recommend how religion and politics can be reconciled in the world.


    1. To determine the concept of violence.

    2. To explore the relationship between religion and violence.

    3. To identify the religious practices for eliminating violence.


    1. To study the concept of sectarianism in religion.

    2. To explore how sects create a difference among individuals of same religion.

    3. To examine the influence of sectarianism on the behavior of individuals.


    1. To examine the concept of secularism and religiosity.

    2. To identify the secular practices in respect to religion in the modern era.

    3. To determine the impact of secularism on the religion in the modern era.


    1. To understand the diversification of religions around the world.

    2. To explore the differences among diverse religions around the world.

    3. To examine the similarities among diverse religions around the world

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