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Sales Dissertation Topics For An Enticing Dissertation

Date published June 24 2020 by Evie Tyler


Drafting a sales dissertation topic can often be confusing for students. The majority fails to differentiate between sales and marketing. This causes a delay in the acceptance of your sales dissertation idea. The critical differences are,

Table of Contents

Sales Marketing
Only concerned with the revenue Deals with promotion and customer engagements.
Sales funnel is AIDA (awareness, interest, desire, action) Marketing funnel consists of additional steps in AIDA, such as loyalty and rebranding.
Has a small part in branding. Has a larger part in branding
The sales aim is to build transactional relationships. Marketing builds brand loyalty

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List Of Free Sales Dissertation Topics

Dissertation writing is a complicated process. While writing, you will understand that there are a lot of things you missed out while choosing your topic. Sometimes a sales dissertation idea is so narrow that it cannot be evolved in a complete sales dissertation topic.

BBA The Impact Of AIDA Sales Funnel In Boosting Company Sales For Globalized Businesses.
BBA The Role Of Employee Motivation In Generating Sales For Insurance Companies In The UK.
BBA The Effect Of Sales Driven Strategies On The Revenue Stream Of E-Commerce Stores.
BBA Effects Of Relationship Building On The Inventory Turnover Ratio Of Pharmaceutical Companies.
MBA Impact Of Rate Of Procurement On The Sales Of Clothing Brands Manufacturers In The UK.
MBA Importance of Sales Funnel in generating B2B Revenue for Multinational companies of the UK.
MBA The Study On Purchase Influence Factors Of Consumers In Supermarkets Of The UK.
MBA Effectiveness of promotional marketing on the sales flow of cell phone brands in the UK
MSC Importance Of Branding In Securing International Grounds. A Comparative Study Between Local And International Soft Drink Manufacturers.
MSC Role Of Customer Relationship Management Software In Building Stronger Relationships For B2B Businesses In The UK.
MSC Consequence Of Generating Sales From Affiliate Marketing Programs. It’s Effects On The Brand Image Of Amazon.
Ph.D The Importance of After-Sale Services In Capturing New Customers For Automobile Manufacturers In The UK.
Ph.D Impact Of Global Economic Crises On The Sales Stream Of Academic Writing Websites In The UK.
Ph.D Covid19’s Positive Effects On the Sales Of Lozenges Manufacturing Businesses In The UK
Ph.D Impact on the Sales Of Sanitizer during Covid19 in The UK.

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    List Of Best Sales Dissertation Ideas

    The most important part of generating a sales dissertation topic is to first come up with an idea. It acts as a base for your topic, and you quickly draft one afterward. If you are having trouble with ideation, you can use our sales dissertation ideas. 

    BBA Impact On Sales Performance Of Clothing Brands In Covd19
    MBA Use Of ERP Software In Boosting Company Sales
    MSC Study On Purchase Influencing Factors
    Ph.D Role Of Channel Distribution In The Service Sector
    Ph.D How Can Customer Journey Map Assist In Alleviating Sales

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