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Best Statistics Research Topics & Ideas For 2021-22

Date published October 7 2021 by Jacob Miller


Statistics is a demanding subject that deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and management of numeric data. The topic selection of the statistics dissertation can involve the subfields of statistics, i.e. Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Design of Experiments, Sampling, Classification, and Time Series.

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Complications in statistics researches:

This subject is much complicated, further, the implication of the proportions in large quantities under complex theories contribute to the difficulties concerning the subject. That’s why it is hard to find considerable statistics dissertation topics. Moreover, the multiple dimensions of the subject make it more problematic to come up with a focused and comprehensive topic.

Why Choosing a Statistics Dissertation Topic is Hard for Students?

While selecting a topic for a statistics dissertation, you must consider the fundamental idea of statistics, i.e. variation and uncertainty. Certain statistical frameworks and methods are applied to get the results.

The topic of the statistics dissertation should be so close to the subject that you will be able the statistical method in the dissertation and presentation of findings.

There are several reasons which together make it a difficult task for the students to select a worthwhile topic for their statistics dissertation.

Shortage of Ideas

Students usually lack in generating potential ideas concerning different areas and aspects of the subject. That’s why they face difficulty in listing out the suitable statistics topics for the dissertation.

Wider Scope

Statistics has a wide scope. It holds a relation with scientific, industrial, and social problems. So, a dissertation topic for this subject can never stand out alone. Due to this reason, students find it difficult to determine their direction and fail to select a potential topic.

Irrelevant or diversified knowledge

Somehow, if students manage to come up with some understandable topics for their dissertation, the uncertainty of the context or the background leads them towards the confusion. They are unable to find a purpose and the background on which they can base their research.

While this all seems a pretty tough task, so then you may take inspiration from our free dissertation topics, and even better you can get the professional on those each topic.

How Do We Help You Select a Statistics Dissertation Topic?

We have skilled and professional subject experts, who bring the best ideas for your statistics dissertation selection. They are well aware of how to meet your subject requirements and professors’ expectations. Through their expertise, they help you select the most significant topics for your dissertation.

By selecting one of the strong statistics research topics we propose, you may contribute to the subject through your intellectual capabilities and unique ideas. While preparing a list of topic suggestions for you, we focus on the following points.

  • Your level of Education
  • Subject Domain
  • Area of Interest
  • Prerequisite Guidelines by the University (if any)

What do our experts say about the Statistics Topic Selection?

Our statistics dissertation experts are well-equipped with dense knowledge in the subject. They know which topic is worthy to be chosen for your dissertation. According to our experts, your topic must involve data collection, data analysis, and data synthesis.

You also must have to go through with several previous dissertations and research papers regarding the subject so that you can come up with a topic having fine scope, context, relevancy, and accuracy. Further, it should be concise and manageable so that you can complete a dissertation on it within the deadline.

You can avoid all these complexities by hiring our statistics dissertation topic selection services. Our experts have produced hundreds of successful works for the satisfaction of the customers. With vast experience in the world of academics and command of statistics dissertations, they have prepared the list of most suitable statistics dissertation topics.

  • Bayesian Methods for Functional and Time Series
  • Kernel Regression Using the Four Fourier Transform
  • Assessing and Accounting for Correlation in RNA-Seq Data Analysis.
  • A Guide to Doing Statistics in Second Language Research Using SPSS
  • Prediction Interval Methods for Reliability Data
  • Relevance of Tests of Significances Uses and Limitations.
  • Interaction Forward Selection in Ultra-High-Dimension Functional Linear Models.

To know the details of the above-mentioned topics and have an idea about their aims and objectives, you can consult with our team. You are welcomed 24/7 to get our consultancy. Further, you can have more potential topics for your statistics dissertation topics by hiring our services.

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    List of Best Statistics Research Topics with Objectives

    As a statistic student, you must always be on a search for remarkable statistics topics for your dissertation. Well, we have that covered for you, read further to get the right topic for you.


    1. To explore all new bayesian methods which are used in statistical analysis.
    2. To introduce new methodology of bayesian which are suitable  for functional and time series data.
    3. To exhibit the functional challenges provided by the methodology. 


    1. To explore the methods of kernel  regression

    2. To demonstrate  the method  of speeding up the computation of kernel.

    3. To analyse the FFT to improve the computation of kernel.


    1. To explore the importance of statistics and probability.

    2. To examine the different methods of statistics and probability used in education system. 

    3. To provide the need for collaborative and cross-disciplinary in researches. 


    1. To explore the concepts behind the usage of statistics in different domains.

    2. To examine the concept of statistics in Second Language.

    3. To study and implement the SPSS software in statistics.


    1. To study the importance of Prediction in statistics.

    2. To analyse the statistical Prediction methods in statistics theory.

    3. To examine the different methods of Prediction interval under the parametric framework. 


    1. To study the importance of statistical tools and significance test both in parametric and nonparametric test.

    2. To examine the statistical tools significance in decision making.

    3. To evaluate the statistical significance test in information retrieval.


    1. To study the statistical methods for the variable selection in ultra-high dimensional functional linear models.

    2. To propose two forward selection procedures on the basis of coefficients approximation.

    3. To demonstrate the application of the proposed methodologies.


    1. To explore the different method of Bayes and its applications.

    2. To examine the Bayes method for the purpose of biclustering and inference for mixture models.

    3. To represent the performance of model through the simulation and applications to real datasets.


    1. To study the concept behind the RNA- sequence data analysis and its procedure.

    2. To examine the papers on the analysis of RNA- sequence data analysis.

    3. To perform a simulation and validate the proposed methods on the basis of results.


    1. To explore the techniques used in data analytics used for various purposes in order to produce visual charts.

    2. To demonstrate the use of python language as a main feature in Data analytics.

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