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Supply Chain Dissertation Topics That Are Exciting!

Date published June 23 2020 by Evie Tyler

Supply Chain image

Supply chain management is a booming field, and many students are choosing it as their majors. One of the worst parts of choosing a subject that is in demand is that most of the supply chain dissertation topics are already taken. This leaves a small room for creativity, and instructors often reject the topics that are presented to them.

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List of Supply Chain Dissertation Topics For Immediate Approval

Majority students often get confused in choosing their supply chain dissertation topics. It happens because of the lack of time and knowledge about topic generation.

BA The effect of demand and supply on logistics functions for supermarkets in the UK.
BA The impacts of growth in IT on the operation of supply chain and logistics of Clothing brands in the UK.
BA The role of digital logistics and supply chain on b2b businesses in the UK.
BS The importance of risk management techniques in the supply chain and logistics of multinational companies in the UK.
BS An analysis of the logistics companies in the UK. A case study on MAERSK.
BS The impact of global economic crises on the supply chain management of online E-commerce stores in the UK.
BBA The effects of covid19 on the supply chain management of sanitizer manufacturing companies in the UK.
BBA The role of digital supply chain logistics in providing same-day delivery. A case study on Amazon.
BBA The impact of the growing trucking sector on the supply chain management of supermarkets in the UK.
MBA The effects of Covid19 on the logistics side of trade businesses in the UK.
MBA The downfall in the petrol prices globally. Its positive and negative impacts on supply chain logistics in the UK.
MBA The importance of bar code database and RFID in making supply chain management easy in the UK.
MBA The impacts of logistics functions on the financial performance of clothing brands in the UK.
MSC The importance of supply chain management in the success of SME’s in the UK.
Msc An evaluation of the differences between supply chain management and logistics and how do they function separately in manufacturing companies in the UK.
Msc The impact of globalization on the supply chain management of multinational organizations. A case study on Starbucks.
Ph.D. The role of technological advancement in the success of supply chain and logistics in pharmaceutical companies of the UK.
Ph.D. The impact of smart contracts on the effectiveness of B2B companies in the UK.
Ph.D. The evaluation of the relationship between supply chain management and procurement
Ph.D. How are these two departments the same and different from each other.

An excellent dissertation topic should have three depths to it

  • Your Topic should have one independent variable
  • Your Topic should have 2 Depended Variables
  • Your Topic should be complete and not too vague
  • Your Topic should be targeted

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    List Of Supply Chain Dissertation Ideas For Topic Generation

    Your supply chain dissertation topic depends on your supply chain dissertation idea. This is an essential step in crafting a fantastic dissertation topics because your dissertation ideas act as the base of your creative thinking. Many students find it challenging to come up with dissertation ideas. Keeping this in mind, our team of excellent dissertation writers has created a list of unused supply chain dissertation ideas for you.   

    BA The role of digital logistics in today’s world.
    BA Importance of smart contracts on the performance of pharmaceutical companies.
    BBA How is growing technology helping supply chain and logistics?
    BBA A comparison between cost-effectiveness and timely delivery. Why do companies choose to transport goods through the train and not airplanes?
    MBA The advancement in the trucking industry and its impacts on the supply chain.
    MBA Online trucking applications are changing the dynamics of supply chain management. How are they making logistics convenient?
    MBA Examine the market share of supply chain management, and how will the new university graduates find this industry?
    Msc Evaluation of the risks involved in supply chain management.
    Msc The effects of sharing information within the hierarchy of the organization in supply chain management. Evaluate Information dissymmetry and other factors.
    PH.D. What are the cost reduction strategies for supply chain management used by the top brands in the UK?
    PH.D. An evaluation of the role of the supply chain in business outsourcing
    PH.D. What are the barriers to implementing effective supply chain strategies in the pharmaceutical companies of the UK?

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