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Tax Law Dissertation Topics That Guarantee Approval

Date published July 27 2020 by Barbara Neil


Tax law or the revenue law deals with the set of rules and regulations set by the government, which deals with the constitution of taxation. It is the study of the common-law, statutory, tax treaty, and regulatory rules that constitute the law applicable to taxation. The tax law dissertation topic can be a tricky subject to write on. This is because of the varying nature of the subject and multiple loopholes in the system.

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List Of Tax Law Dissertation Topics Tailored To Your Needs

Tax law dissertation topics can get confusing and tiring for many students. This is why students in the UK choose from our list of exceptional dissertation topics for their final submission. Our writers create a well-researched list every year for students from all academic backgrounds to leverage from.

LLB A discussion on the fiscal deficit of a country on its economic growth. What factors contribute to the downfall of taxation?
LLB A literature review on the ideal steps to deal with expenses in such a manner that a smooth flow of money could be managed in the Economy. What is the role of tax law in streamlining this flow?
LLB An in-depth explanation of the importance of a particular system for the management of fiancés in a country and the contribution of tax law in regulating these finances.
LLB The impact of foreign currencies on the economic and labor growth of a nation and its side effect on the collection of tax in the country.
LLB An explanatory paper on the importance of accounting in the taxation department. A case study on how accounting helps tax laws regulate in a financially sound manner.
LLB An in-depth study on increasing tax benefits among the citizens of the UK to contribute towards the sustainable growth of the country.
LLB A literature review study on the benefits of collecting taxes. Its positive impacts on the country and its citizen.
LLB The study on the importance of taxation in the UK and how it plays a significant part in the equal distribution of economic resources of the country.
LLM The effects of tax evasion on the Economy of the country. A case study on the trickle-down effects.
LLM A comparative study between modern taxation and the zakat system in Islamic law. Which is more useful and effective for alleviating poverty?
LLM An in-depth study of the regulatory bodies that decide the tax percentage on different income brackets in the UK.
LLM A literature review study on the different types of taxation implemented on the citizens of the UK.
LLM In light of the latest scholarly research on taxation, what are the necessary steps of improvements required to implement tax laws in the UK?
LLM A study on the role of people working in the taxation department and how it helps people pay on time?
LLM An investigation into tax evasion. How do influential business people manipulate the system and evade taxes in the UK?

These topics are unused and free for all students regardless of their country. By simply adding your country name in the end, you can come up with a great topic to send in your dissertation proposal.

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    Best Tax Law Dissertation Ideas To Start Your Brain!

    Ideation is the first step towards generating a compelling tax law dissertation topic. The ideal approach to this is discussing with industry leaders or your group members. If you are a lone wolf taking on this topic, then you can use our list of tax law dissertation ideas for help.

    LLB What are the new areas in taxation that are catching new eyes?
    LLB What are the steps necessary to implement in order to close the loopholes in the taxation system of the UK?
    LLB What are the best ways to come up with new ideas to overcome tax evasion in the UK?
    LLB How the budget of a nation gets effects due to tax evasion?
    LLB What policies should be implemented by the UK government to overcome losses faced due to tax evasion?
    LLB Why do people evade paying taxes at all? And what should the government do to prevent this?
    LLB Explain the best ways to make people pay taxes on time in the UK?
    LLB How should the government use the money collected by people through taxation?
    LLM What is the mindset of individuals who evade taxation?
    LLM Explain the role of taxations officers in facilitating tax fraud through a minor bribe.
    LLM What is the role of the taxation system in the development of a country?
    LLM How does taxation contribute to the financial development of the poor people in the UK?
    LLM Is it acceptable to blame the government for not providing proper services when the individuals refrain from paying their taxes?
    LLM Where does the government invest tax money?
    LLM Is it reasonable to decrease income tax so that people are willing to pay on time?

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    Tax law is a regulatory document that governs the collection of taxation. Tax law is an umbrella term that encompasses many aspects. The tax law is subjected to many subcategories such as common law, statutory law, and regulatory bodies that govern its usage. In simpler terms, the set percentage and condition for taxation is mentioned in the tax law. It permits the government to rightfully collect and invest the money of its citizens in beneficial projects.

    There are not many cases where students would write on a subcategory of Tax law. This is because its subcategories are subjects themselves and might deviate from the subject matter. However, there is no restriction against relating tax law to its subcategories to show a positive or negative relationship.

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