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How to Write a Dissertation Proposal | A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Write Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation proposal is the first step in graduate students’ degree program. It is the place where they introduce their dissertation topic to their committee members and ask for feedback on a possible research.

In order to write a successful proposal, you should:

  • Identify your research questions
  • Define your research methodology
  • Propose a timeline of research steps

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What is a dissertation proposal?

It is a document that prepares the researcher before starting to write. It provides a framework for how to think about the subject and can be seen as an outline for your future dissertation. A good proposal should answer these basic questions:
  • What is the problem you are working on?
  • What are your main points that you want to explore?
  • What methodology will you use to achieve this?

How will you evaluate success?

Dissertation proposals are typically written by graduate students as they embark on their dissertation journey. These proposals demonstrate the student’s understanding of research, and provide a plan for the research to be conducted. It is an important pre-thesis document that can greatly influence how well the student does in their endeavors.

The Role of a Dissertation Proposal in research paper

A dissertation proposal is an important document because it helps the graduate know what they are doing. It also helps them to be able to formulate a plan and work towards completing their project.

It is a preliminary document for all doctoral candidates. The document is used by students in order to get approval from their advisor and university that they are on the right track with their research.

How to Write a Dissertation Proposal?

How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

The purpose of the proposal is to get feedback in order to see if there are any problems or errors in your ideas. The proposals should be lengthy enough so that people can get an idea about what exactly you are going to do, but they need not be too long because you will provide more details later.

What should be considered when writing a dissertation proposal?

When writing a proposal, the person needs to have an understanding of what he or she is trying to achieve. The person also needs to have the necessary knowledge and skills that are required for the topic in question.

The following points should be considered when writing a research proposal:

  • The topic for which the research will be done
  • Existing literature on the topic
  • Proposed methodology
  • Analysis of how this research will aid in existing literature

Should you use online paraphraser when writing proposal?

The dissertation proposal is one of the most difficult papers for many people to write. But if you’re struggling to come up with a way to introduce your research topic or get started on your introduction, it might be time for you to take a break and use a scholarly paraphrasing tool. However, it is not necessary to paraphrase when writing your thesis proposal. If you can write, then just use your own words. It is a bad idea to paraphrase in most cases because it gives the impression that it’s plagiarized and detracts from your originality and creativity. You should only use paraphrase tool when you are unable to understand the topic or if you need an additional source for more information about something specific which can’t be found online or through a search engine.

Writing the Outline of Your Dissertation Proposal

The purpose of the introduction is to give the reader a preview of what you have in store for them. The introduction of your proposal should be short and concise. It should contain all the necessary information so that the reader has a preview and an understanding of what they are about to read or watch.

What to Include in the Introduction of Your Dissertation Proposal?

A well-constructed introduction, as always, should include your research question or problem statement; your thesis statement, and your purpose for writing the thesis. The introduction of the dissertation proposal should include:
  • Title of the dissertation proposal
  • The motivation behind the research
  • What is the main objective?
  • What is the specific topic in relation to your research?
  • How did you come up with that particular topic?

What to Include in the Literature Review Section of Your Dissertation Proposal?

The literature review is an important part of a dissertation proposal because it gives the reader a general understanding of the problem and what has been done to solve it.

The literature review in a proposal should be written, generally, in APA format. It should begin with an introduction that gives the reader some background on the problem, as well as why it is important, and how you plan to study it.

From there, you should list all of your sources of information and state how they will help you address the research problem. The literature review also needs to include any articles that are cited in the dissertation proposal (i.e., articles that have influenced your thinking or might be relevant).


When starting a dissertation, it’s important to first get a handle on your topic and provide an overview of the studies included in the paper. Follow the above given tips to write a winning dissertation proposal and best of luck for your future endeavors.

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