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Best Student Card Discounts: How To Get Them?

Date published October 17 2020 by Stella Carter

Best Student Card Discounts_ How To Get Them_

We all know how a student life can be. Who can really expect them to have no job, pay huge tuition fees, go through their day-to-day expenses, remain sane while maintaining a good social life? We all need something to ease our burdens from society’s end, don’t we? Student discount comes to rescue.

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Ever Wondered Why?

As a student, there is an enjoyable luxury of availing discounts, just for a simple fact that you are a student. Ever wonder why? For an obvious reason that students give, give and gives back to the economy.

The education industry mainly runs because of the student’s financial investments. After their graduations and professional career, they once again give back and contribute to better the economy. Even while they freelance. They even give their best economic dissertation topics for the world to study and gain some innovative valuable ideas.


Yeah, so why not deserve a student discount?

With this being said, let’s take a look at how to get the best possible student discount.

Keep Your Student Card Wherever You Go

Before knowing how to get the best discounts, always remember to keep your university or student ID card with you wherever you go. It is like your key or license to avail any discount.

It is a well-known fact that after asking for a discount, the first thing that will be asked is for your student ID card. Without that, you cant avail any student discount, let alone the best ones.

Apart from that, it is up to you to always ask, ask and ask for a student discount for whatever you purchase without hesitation. That’s because some industries don’t say they offer student discount but stealthy they do.

Student Discount For Academic Purpose:

The best thing to do first, is go for that what is needed. Let’s say student discounts on books you require.

Totum student card offers students 6 months free delivery on Amazon over products like academic books and clothing with exclusive student offers.

Usually, many students go for Unidays and Student beans, because they are free. They offer discounts on products like laptops and even full-version software like Adobe creative cloud apps that might help in their academic fields. It comes in handy, as 5% to 10% discounts are usually given and reaches up to 65%.

With Unidays, a student can avail 10% discount on Waterstones products for their academic purpose. This might help any student to work on better innovation management dissertation topics and might even help to ease student loan fees due to discounted books.

Restaurants and Cafes:

Many student faces excessive spending on food. Food pretty much take a lot of student’s budget. To make the most and save extra cash, apply your student cards on restaurants and cafes.

With cards like Totum, Student Beans, ISIC and apps like Unidays, students get from 10% to 30% discount on food items. That could save up a lot of your cash budget.

Student Discount on Deals:

What’s more amazing than to have student discount on deal items and save thrice as much as you normally can. You can best apply these on food, clothes and online shopping.

With student cards like Totum for example, you can avail 10% off on Co-op’s already promoted meal deal.

In offline shopping, you’re our own university card can give up to 10% to 15% off on clothing sale items, all you have to do is just show it.

For online shopping, cards like Totum, Unidays, Student Beans and ISIC might be required for discounts on deals and already sale items online.

The Decision Is Yours

The ultimate decision is up to you. The comparison of student cards has to be eagle-eyed in order to get the best and make some big savings as a student. The wisest choice is to avail student discounts on things that increases your progress, rather than wasting it on unwanted items.