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Dissertation vs Thesis: a Step-by-Step Students Guide

Date published June 6 2020 by Evie Tyler

There is lots of students confused about dissertation vs thesis, I also always wondered how a thesis would be different than a dissertation. I always thought that the difference between them was like Marvel and DC comic heroes; they’re all heroes but different powers. Let’s take Black Widow and White Canary, they’re both assassin women but have different means and purposes. 

The question and its answers were actually very confusing because majority of people and sources told me that it’s just same thing but with different names. To an extent, it is the truth, but not the whole truth. 

Let’s dive deep down into the thesis vs dissertation guide and find out in case you have these questions

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What is the Difference between a Dissertation and a Thesis?

Dissertation vs Thesis UK stated has been a topic of discussion among students around the world. A lot might say that they’re the same things but different names in the UK and USA and nothing else. I can confirm that it’s half of the truth so far for Thesis versus Dissertation.

USA and UK Flag Image

Thesis and dissertation structures are very similar as we can say that they’re almost identical. But if you remember my comparison, Black Widow and White Canary. The first one is a Russian spy while the latter is a mercenary from the League of Assassins.

So let’s talk about what is the difference between dissertation and thesis:           

  • In the United States, thesis are required in order to obtain a master’s degree and a dissertation to get a Ph.D. degree. 
  • To write the best thesis, you have to conduct your own research and get on conclusions by yourself.
  • Writing a dissertation doesn’t require you to do conduct researches on your own, they are based on the on existing literature and researches. 
  • When doing a thesis, you have to add a thesis analysis to the existing literature that you are using for the research while the dissertation is part of analysis of existing literature used in research. 
  • A thesis doesn’t require much extensive work to develop your research in a particular area while a dissertation is all about doing extensive research. Although, it is a different conversation when these vs thesis occurs. 

  • A thesis is comparatively shorter than a dissertation, for example a thesis should have at least 100 pages while a dissertation has to go up to 200 pages. 
  • Writing a dissertation is comparatively harder than writing a thesis for the students. As a fact, there are more questions in a dissertation to create a good dissertation.
  • A thesis statement states a point just to explain readers how are you going to prove the argument in your study. 
  • Dissertations require hypothesis, to define the results that you expect from your dissertation and describe the expectations as well. If you are writing a dissertation, you need to use theories to research on particular subjects.
  • Black Widow sacrificed herself to obtain the soul stone and save the world while White Canary tried to kill her friends under the orders of her master over petty reasons. (sorry for the spoilers)

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    Let’s Talk About Some Similarities As Well!

    UK USA

    As I told you before, the differences are definite but there are many similarities between these two as well such as: 

    • Students are required to choose the topic of their research in both, dissertations and theses. You are required to create an outstanding thesis or dissertation based on their skills and all the knowledge you have gained throughout the years of study in different programs. 
    • Theses and dissertations have similar structuring and formatting. 
    • If you are looking forward to get your master’s or Ph.D. degree, you will have to present a dissertation proposal or a thesis proposal before you start working on your thesis or dissertation. 
    • Dissertation and thesis both have the same purposes and these two terms are interchangeable. i.e. they could be used for one other because of their similarities. 
    • You will have to defend both your dissertations and theses in order to get the certain degree. 
    • Copyright infringement is a strict policy in both theses and dissertations. It means that you have to avoid copying anything from anywhere without permissions. Not even from online sources. Because they have reserved rights and your dissertation or thesis can be refused upon detection. 

    Whoosh, these were many but not all of the differences and similarities between dissertations and theses. For instance, if we specify our dissertation or thesis requirement to law dissertations a step by step guide, would we make different guides? Yes! Because the minor differences makes a huge impact. Now let’s move on to some frequently asked questions about dissertations and theses!

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    Now that you know the difference between Black Widow and White Canary. I mean, difference between dissertation and thesis, you understand the concept more clearly and carefully. If you still struggle to write top quality dissertation, you can find some cheap dissertation writing services around you or maybe get some online dissertation help from Dissertation Proposal and get high-quality dissertation anytime, any day.

    As the difference between thesis and dissertation UK natives and US natives believe in, will stay forever.

    There are a few factors that can affect the time period of finishing a thesis such as: 

    • The research topic.
    • What kind of research are you conducting
    • The environment and style(s) you are choosing to write in

    And a lot more, generally a thesis can take between 2 months and 2 years to be finished depending on such factors.

    “Writing” a dissertation is not as hard when you meet the certain criteria such as: 

    • When you have done complete research.
    • When you have a good base in the language you are writing. 
    • When you know how to format and structure your dissertation. 

    Writing a dissertation is not a hard thing, committing and keeping your pace on it is the difficult part! 

    Dissertation is very important because: 

    • You can’t get your Ph.D. degree without a dissertation
    • A dissertation decides if you are qualified and worthy enough to bear the Ph.D. title.

    So you know how important a dissertation is towards your degree! 

    That’s a tricky question that I get a lot. If single spaced, 50000 words can cover 100 pages. While under a few circumstances, it can change such as: 

    • With double spacing, it can cover 200 pages
    • The size of font also matter.
    • The spacing between words and paragraphs can change the page coverage as well.