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The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Dissertation in Business Studies: A Step-by-Step Assistance


Submitting a dissertation and being rewarded with a degree or getting published in a well-known journal is a stupendous moment of joy. An overwhelming number of students and sometimes even experienced scholars find it daunting to prepare a dissertation. However, the reality is quite naïve and simple, a dissertation is indeed a highly complex document, yet getting through with it is not that challenging as one might think.  It ensures a promising future in academics and tests the intellectual capabilities.

Dissertation in Business Studies

Business studies is one of the most professional fields today. It is vast and diverse, requires high research analysis and critical thinking. A dissertation in business studies is usually required to be prepared at a master’s level or higher. Every year’s business students feel like it’s a challenging task and seek dissertation help online for quick solutions while in reality, it’s not hard work, but rather a smart one.

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Why Business Students Abhor Dissertation Writing?

The following are some of the reasons that turn a majority of business students off whenever they hear of making a dissertation or thesis.

  • Lack of Writing Skills: Many business students consider a dissertation a work of highly expertise writing while that is not necessarily the case. The writing standard is more likely to be decent and simple than highly formal.
  • A Time-Consuming Process : Making a dissertation is indeed a time -consuming process and failure to pre-plan often result in students being reluctant in their dissertation project.
  • Too much Occupied: Often business students are overly occupied with their internships and jobs which results in having an excessively busy schedule.
  • Uninteresting Topics: One of the most common issues is being assigned an uninteresting topic which creates a massive unwillingness and desire to pursue it.

The Best Guide for Dissertation Writing

The following guidance and tips are very likely to assist business students who are finding a hard time completing their dissertation or those who are planning to start one.

  1. Selecting a Dissertation Topic: The first and foremost thing is to finalize a topic. This is one of the main obstacles faced by students. An uninteresting or a not so trendy topic will make a student lose interest and he/she is less likely to pursue and plan efficiently for the research. It is suggested to conduct thorough research before finalizing the topic just like I did when I had a valid list of business management research topics. Make sure the topic sparks your interest. If a business student is an avid marketing individual then make sure he conducts a topic that is marketing-related and not on a finance one.
  2. Preparing a Proposal for Your Topic: Once the topic has been confirmed, a dissertation proposal is to make which is a mandatory requirement before starting with the actual dissertation or a thesis.  The expert’s advice for your dissertation proposal help is making it as attractive as possible by adding relevant details, facts, and how your research topic is crucial enough for the people to probe.
  3. Aiming for the Format Structure: The format structure carries high significance in any research paper. I have been given a plethora of formatting advice by multiple resources but I didn’t buy business management dissertation ideas from my friends and instead, took suggestions from the online Gurus, which are in the following order,
    • The Introduction
    • The Literature Review
    • The Methodologies
    • The Findings
    • The conclusions
    • The Bibliography
  4. Starting with the Structure (The introduction): The introduction section must include more than 1000 words. It is the first thing the instructor will see in the research paper. The introduction must describe the topic of research and should justify why it has been chosen.
  5. The Literature Review: Arguably the most detailed part of a business dissertation. A literature review has an ideal length of 3000 words. The author should include all the relevant research that has been conducted previously and relates to the currently selected topic.
  6. The Methodologies: Methodologies section is 1500 words detailed section where you mention all the strategies with which you collected data along with the tools you will use for processing.
  7. The Findings: This is an important 500 words section where all the obtained results will be given along with the way they will influence society.
  8. Bibliography: The final section is of the references which need to be authentic and are not included in the dissertation word count. The reference should be from a reliable source.

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From conversing with instructors to seeking assistance from online dissertation writing service on Google, business students find doing their dissertation a challenging task. With the above-mentioned guidelines, these business graduates will be equipped with relevant knowledge and advice.


A dissertation is certainly not a day’s work and may require some time which involves massive research and deep critical analysis along with figuring out research methods. However, with proper planning ad preparing a daily schedule, students can easily finish their dissertation in 15 to 20 days.

As mentioned above, writing a dissertation is not hard-work but rather smart-work. A dissertation and may require time to focus, it can easily be done still if the topic is of the author’s interest. A dissertation then will not be of immense difficulty.

The simple answer is Yes. Students who plagiarise content or prepare a dissertation of inappropriate structure tend to fail in their dissertation. Sometimes even the proposal of a dissertation might get rejected because of an invalid topic or the author’s fail attempt to present his or her idea.

The literature review and the methodologies are considered the most critical or hardest parts of a dissertation. A considerable amount of analysis and research I required in preparing these two sections, making them time-consuming and thus, hard.