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How to Write 7000 Words Dissertation Structure Effortlessly

Date published July 11 2020 by Jacob Miller


Student year is pretty exciting and fascinating. You get to interact with lots of people around your age, share ideas, get engage in healthy activities and learn new things. Before the University year ends, you get multiple course work to complete new assignments are ready to welcome you and then there comes a lengthy piece of writing called dissertation, sometimes with the limit of 7000 word dissertation too. Once you are done with the detailed writing assignment your Masters, PhD or undergraduate degree is completed.

Table of Contents

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But how to write a 7000 words of dissertation? Will I be able to completed this lengthy assignment within the deadline? These are the desperate words said by beginners when starting their journey of dissertation writing.

Query no 1: Do You Know How Long Does It Take To Write A 7000-Word Dissertation

I still remember, during my last years of University I met lot of students who were stressed, worried and wandering here and there for help, to guide them with 7000 word dissertation structure.

Little did they know, no one will come to rescue their dissertation and easily explain 7000 word dissertation structure. Moreover, won’t even give any tips on how to complete this lengthy writing assignment.
Dissertation isn’t something that could be written overnight, you need to work on it, generate ideas and calculate the structure etc. then you would get a final writing piece. How long should a dissertation literature review be depend entirely on the paper’s scope and purpose, as well as how much research has been done by you.

So, next time you won’t have to ask yourself how long does it take to write a 7000-word dissertation?

Because it is up to you to decide 6000 word dissertation structure or how you will manage to cope with heavy writing assignment within the deadline expected.

How To Structure A Dissertation?

You understand writing a 7000 words of dissertation will approximately take almost 2 months or more probably a bit longer according to what you choose as a title. The next step is how to structure a dissertation. The structure of the dissertation is not as complicated as it looks like. It is more like a systematic and organized academic book, a dissertation is an original research done by students for the requirement of a degree program. Every dissertation structure varies by discipline and levels, so the basic structure and more functional chapters are as follows

How to write a dissertation introduction? Or to be more precise, how long does it take to write a 7000 word dissertation if we are just focusing on introduction.

Before writing your introduction you need to have a powerful topic that could help you throughout the final dissertation journey. Therefore, it should match your interest and your supervisor’s approval as you should know how to write 7000 in words and do not want to get rejected at the earlier stage.
Let’s get to the point, the introduction should be clean, engaging and relevant to the research you will conduct. You need to answer all the what, why, how will the research be conducted. The introduction should look like this.

  • Once you select your research topic, give important background knowledge to conceptualize the work.
  • Define the scope of the study.
  • Clearly define your research question and objective.
  • State your research gap and identify problem between the current and desired state of your research.

When searching for how to write a dissertation introduction, no one will explain you how much words to put in each section easily or how long to write 7000 words. Well, by calculating the weightage of the introduction chapter it is around 10% which means your words should be almost 700 to 1000 words. Sigh!

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    How To Write A Dissertation Literature Review?

    The dissertation literature review helps readers gain a thorough understanding of the research work that already exist on your topic. When you search for how to write a dissertation literature review, the internet is full of definitions and explanation on how long does it take to write a 6000 word dissertation specifying LR only. The literature review is also called theoretical framework, that defines and analyze the theories, concepts and models that build your research. Some students believe that, literature is just to summarize the existing research, but this isn’t true. It develops a logical structure and argues to find a clear basis or justification for your own research.

    How To Write A Dissertation Methodology?

    Now that you have all the information, you need to gather a bulk amount of data. For gathering this much data, you need two basic research methodology. Qualitative and quantitative research methodology.

    For simplicity, the qualitative research is the collecting and analyzing of data through words. Means the qualitative research provide insight to a problem or helps to develop hypothesis or ideas. On the other hand, quantitative research is the collecting and analyzing of data through numbers or figures. It helps to conduct in-depth research on the topic that have a research gap.

    How To Write A Dissertation Finding/Results?

    The main focus of this section is to gain some results or findings relevant to your topic idea. After you finished collecting and analyzing the data, you start with your results and findings.

    When writing your results and findings it is necessary to write it in a past tense. When you understand how to write a dissertation finding /results you will then calculate how much length is required to cover the collections of data and analysis. The word count under 7000 words is approximately 500.

    How To Write A Dissertation Discussion?

    Once your results and findings are defined in the 4 the previous chapter in form of dissertation words, the discussion section explores the meaning and implication of the research. The charts, graphs and findings that has been defined the next is to interpret all of them to help understand the readers. The interpretation will give insight with whether the results marks your expectations or not. The other heading that goes in the discussion section is limitations of the study. You need to discuss all the limitations that happened during your research analysis, and do mention the citations while discussing the results even on 5000 word dissertation.

    How To Write A Dissertation Conclusion?

    The dissertation conclusion should be defined in a concise and simplistic manner. The wrapping up of your overall research chapters with a final reflection on what you did and how you did it. You need to answer your research question fits to your findings and methodology and how your overall hard work help in the field of research. Just remember do not add any unnecessary information or any point that is not mentioned in the chapters. If you have missed anything related to the study you can add it in the appendix section.

    How Long Should A Dissertation Conclusion Be?

    Well, how long write a 6000 word dissertation depends on the appropriate length of the conclusion should be almost 500 words or less. How long should a dissertation conclusion be, it varies with the length of the overall research paper.

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    Wrapping It Up:

    The students can now easily write a dissertation without any hurdles and thoughts of ‘how long does it take to write 7000 words’, with the help of our blogs you can estimate how much each heading would cover.