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How To Apply Online For Student Finance?

Date published October 07 2020 by Stella Carter

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither did the British empire spread out of nowhere. Great things take time, but they need investments too. Who doesn’t want to invest in gold or something that guarantees higher returns? Yes, let’s talk about students.

They are a contributing factor and are the ones who will keep the economy running through their capabilities and qualifications even if they have to buy finance dissertations. It is never about raw ideas but the execution. Whereas, finance students are capable of turning the economical wheels.

With this being said, it is also for the country to look out for them in order to secure their future. They are a stealthy investment in disguise.

If you have already thought about your marketing dissertation topics but stressed on how to get through your university, then there are options which supports you in monetary terms. You can apply for them.

Table of Contents


The first to consider is your eligibility for student finance. This depends upon multiple factors such as:

  • Your course: Course you apply for has to be recognized. You can even ask your university if the course is eligible for student finance or not.
  • Where you reside: It is required to have a status where you have no limit of leaving that country and will fulfill the course duration. Also, in UK, if you have been living there 3 years before starting your course, then student finance is considered eligible. Being a refugee is also considered eligible.
  • Nationality: Non-UK nationals should have an immigration status of allowed in UK for employment and studies. It is also said to live there for over 18 years to be eligible for student finance. For EU nationals, they need to have a pre-settled status to avail student finance. These conditions are said to change for EU nationals after 2021 academic year due to Brexit.
  • Age: There is no age limit. But after 60, you are only eligible for house and maintenance loan.
  • University: The university you applied, has to be recognized for public funding if private owned. Other than that, a state-owned or publicly funded universities are all eligible.


Students can apply online for tuition fees and maintenance loan. Students can register online by visiting their student finance government website according to their state and:

  • Create an account
  • log in and fill the application
  • Enter your personal details (income and identity proof)
  • Confirm your details and apply

Documentations Requirement:

For registering online, you will be provided with a customer reference number. For identity proof of nationals, should provide their:

  • Valid passport (if you are that country’s national)
  • Birth or adoption certificate. It might even be required to sign this document by a professional like doctor or your teacher, who are not related to you in any way but know who you are for at least 2 years.

For non-national; they need to provide their:

  • Valid home-country passport
  • Stamped visa
  • Residence permit.

It is also handy to show that you have been living for more than 3 years before applying for a student finance.

While filling in the details, you might also need to provide your academic start and finish date, bank account details and even your national insurance number.

Creating an Account Offline

If you are not found of online registration, then you can apply offline with a paper application to the educational authority state office and send them all the required documents and evidences.

They will create an online account on your behalf and send you the username and passwords with a stealthy answer for security and verification purpose.


If you are planning to avail student loan or finance from private institutes, then you need to first check their credibility through comparison and their office presence.

There are many fraudulent scams who ask students their private information and take unfair advantage. It is better to avail student financing from government and state authorities.