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How Can Students Manage Their Time To Meet Dissertation Deadlines?

Date published April 20 2022 by Jacob Miller


A dissertation is the most challenging academic task students are ever assigned. They wish that they can escape from a dissertation but it’s a compulsory part of the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Several factors make it hard to cope with such as students’ weak research and writing skills, confusion in topic selection, higher educational standards and pressure of academic sustainability, etc.

However, the major difficulty that most students face while doing their dissertations is time management issues which makes them look for dissertation help online. Here is a detailed guide about how poor time management can lead students to miss their dissertation deadlines. Some tips for effective time management will also be shared.

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Time Management – A Challenge to Meet Dissertation Deadlines

Following are some of the main reasons why time management is so problematic for the students to meet their dissertation deadlines.

Huge Word Count

A dissertation is so lengthy that it requires months and years to be completed. Students are supposed to produce 5000 – 10000 words for an undergraduate dissertation while 15,000 – 20,000 words for a master's dissertation. Moreover, a PhD dissertation requires 60,000 – 80,000 words which is more than enough. Therefore, students got confused about how to manage these huge word counts within the deadlines. Ultimately, they prefer to take help from a dissertation writing service in UK.

Thorough Research

A dissertation involves great research related to the selected topic. It is also much more time-consuming because students should follow the essential rules of research. Their research should be relevant, authentic, and purposeful so that it can make the dissertation worthwhile. Due to these elements, they have to spend long hours on the research which doesn’t let them find time for the further proceedings of the dissertation.

Multiple Chapters

The dissertation involves 5 to 7 seven different chapters that have different requirements regarding their writing styles, the purpose of writing, and data incorporation. Students have to be very careful while writing each chapter so that they would not mix them. This is why dissertation writing takes more time than it should. Many students due to the time limitations decide on taking online help for dissertation chapters such as research proposal help or literature review writing help, etc.

Lack of Motivation

Students usually lack motivation for their studies. The dissertation requires constant hard work; so, the unwillingness captures the students that don’t let them start with their work. Furthermore, destructive thoughts such as fear of failure, create barriers in their way to finding motivation. Therefore, they keep delaying their work and in the end, they are left with not enough time to meet the dissertation deadlines.

Other Engagements

Other engagements include other academic tasks such as assignments, essays, critical summaries, case studies, term projects, and class presentations. Further, employed students have job responsibilities too. All of these tasks overburdened the students and leads them to face time management issues. Many students, in such situations, seek dissertation help from professionals who can release their stress by sharing their academic burden.

Essential Components for Effective Time Management

Students should know the must-have stuff for effective time management. Following are the components that can help you manage your time to meet the dissertation deadlines.

A Timetable

A timetable is important not only to manage your time but also to be well-organized in your day-to-day tasks. Many students make timetables for their studies and daily routine but do not follow them. The timetable is such an essential component that you can never meet the deadlines without restricting yourself to a proper timetable. You should walk with the needles of the clock to achieve your target.

Clear Vision and Determination

A clear vision of what you are supposed to do and determination towards what you are going to do, whether you will do it yourself or hire a dissertation writing service UK based, making such worthy decisions is another significant part of time management. If you are not sure about your dissertation plan, topic, and research, it will get you stuck in confusion after short intervals. As a result, you would not be able to do it quickly and meet the dissertation deadline.

Complete Focus and Interest

Complete focus and interest are needed to complete the dissertation in time. You should select a topic that matches your interest so that you would not lose your focus in the middle. Further, if you share your room with your siblings, they may disturb you during your work. In such a situation, you cannot focus on your dissertation. So, you should find a quiet spot at your home or anywhere else where there are no distractions in the surroundings so that you can proceed with your dissertation smartly.

Time Management Tips to Meet Dissertation Deadlines

Following are some useful tips that you may consider to meet your dissertation deadline.

  • Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is like a termite that loves to eat your time. The more you will delay your work, the more you move towards missing the deadline. You shouldn’t procrastinate your work at any cost. You need to start working on your dissertation, right after it is assigned to you. An early start is a key step to meeting the dissertation deadline.

  • Outline Your Dissertation

You need to prepare a complete outline for your dissertation. First, you need to be very clear about how to structure a research proposal, how to carry out authentic research, how to write the literature review, how to present the findings in the dissertation effectively, and so on. Define each step in your dissertation outline and describe how you will deal with each section.

Mind map the main ideas you have in your mind regarding the topic and add them too, to the outline. This will not let you forget any important step. Further, it will make your work organized and help you proceed with your dissertation in a swift flow.

  • Make a Schedule

You must make a schedule to accomplish each step of your dissertation. You should reserve at least 5 hours of a day for your studies to complete your dissertation within the deadline. Dedicate your complete focus and whole effort towards your dissertation in the reserved hours without being involved in other activities.

  • Create Your Deadlines

Set your goals and restrict yourself to your own deadlines. Determine how much time you will take to complete each chapter; try not to exceed that time. If you have to submit your dissertation in 6 months so you should set your deadlines in such a way that you would be able to complete it in 5 months. Moving with this approach, you will have enough time for editing and proofreading in the end. Ultimately, you can produce a flawless outcome.

  • Work on One Task at a Time

You should rush over your tasks. If you will try to cover them all at once, it will add to your academic stress and would not let you focus on any of them. You should prioritize your work and proceed accordingly. As you know that research should be done before starting the writing procedure. Similarly, you should not do a proposal and dissertation discussion side by side.

Further, when you are working on your dissertation, you shouldn’t think of other academic tasks at that time. If you have other assignments with short deadlines so you may take dissertation help from the professionals to focus on your other academic tasks but you should amalgamate all.

  • Take Energy Booster Breaks

Working on a dissertation for long hours without taking breaks would lead you to drop your interest. You will soon get exhausted and lose your motivation to work. You should take a 5-minutes break after working on your dissertation for 25 minutes will full concentration. This is called the Promodoro technique (bestassignmentwriter, 2019). You may do whatever you to in these 5 minutes such as listen to your favorite songs, take an energy nap, and eat something referencing or anything else. These breaks are important to keep you charged so that you can maintain your speed.

  • Improve Your Sleeping Habits

If you would not take proper sleep, you cannot do your work efficiently. You will keep feeling drowsy while working on your dissertation if your sleep routine is disturbed. You will begin to procrastinate your work and wouldn’t be able to meet deadlines. Therefore, you must take proper sleep to work energetically and quickly on your dissertation so that you can complete your daily targets in the least possible time.

  • Take Dissertation Help

If you think that you cannot manage your time to meet the dissertation deadline for any reason, so you may ask online dissertation experts to assist you in this regard. This would be a wise option because you shouldn’t compromise on your academic career at any cost. Experts can provide you with a well-researched, well-structured, and well-composed dissertation even under strict deadlines, they will never let you miss the submission date.

Wrap Up

This is the most comprehensive guide on how students can manage time to meet dissertation deadlines. Still, if there is any confusion, so you may consult with the professionals to get pro tips and resolve your concerns. Also, if you find the above-mention guidelines helpful, share them with others so that they can benefit more students.

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