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How to Check Plagiarism in Your Dissertation Proposal

Date published September 6 2021 by Mantaha Qureshi

How to Check Plagiarism in Your Dissertation Proposal

People spend a lot of time composing dissertations, reading and exploring different thoughts and ideas, going through other researcher’s works, and finally forming their own opinions about a certain issue or topic.

When things get too daunting, people resort to carrying out plagiarism and other such offences. But they are easily detectable and can land you in great trouble, which is where plagiarism checkers come into play!

Plagiarism- also known as copying someone else’s creative work or ideas- is one of the worst things you can do while composing a dissertation that is supposed to be entirely yours.

Because most professors and academic leaders consider plagiarism to be a grave academic offense, you must steer clear of it while writing a thesis or a dissertation for your academic career.

It might also be correct to say that incorporating plagiarism in your text is almost career-threatening and has severe implications if done very often, or in a large amount.

While putting a really bad impression on your career and personality, plagiarism may also result in the failure or rejection of your dissertation altogether, which would be quite devastating!

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Which things are the reason for plagiarized text in your dissertation?

Which things are the reason for plagiarized text in your dissertation

There are the following things that you want to steer clear of if you want to produce an entirely unique text that solely belongs to you. Here is what you should strictly refrain from:

  • If you take material from a book, magazine, or another published source without making any changes- in simple words, copy pasting the entire thing.
  • If you mention quotes from other writers, authors, researchers without using citations or quotation marks. This is considered stealing intellectual property.
  • If you take facts and figures researched by another author but do not give him credits- this may also be considered blatant plagiarism of someone else’s work.

How to check Plagiarism in your Dissertation Proposal?

In today’s world, it has become very difficult to avoid plagiarism in your text and dissertations because of the immense number of academic documents being published every single day. There are some fool proof tips and tricks formulated by the world’s best academic writers and content creators that will ensure you come up with a 100% original text, which will impress your professors and fellow researchers greatly!

Make use of some awesome plagiarism checkers

One of the best and the most used ways to avoid plagiarized content is to use top-notch plagiarism checkers that ensure good quality content that is 100% unique and not plagiarized at all. Although it is hard to find good plagiarism checker free of cost, but some tools offer Free use to limited words. You can now get your hands on some of the best plagiarism checking tools without paying a penny but for limited words.
plagiarism checker

Most college professors and thesis checkers use these tools in order to properly check their students’ dissertations and check for copied work or plagiarism.

A good idea would be to run your work through these tools before submitting it- so you do not have to redo it or get a bad grade.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to check plagiarism using online tools since it only takes seconds to detect copied content in your dissertation.

How to avoid Plagiarism in your Dissertation?

Dissertation writing services are extremely helpful in getting rid of Plagiarized papers. For students who are struggling to write a plagiarized research paper, they can hire dissertation writing services to accomplish this task.

Paraphrase the copied content

You are bound to take ideas and references from other people’s work while writing a dissertation for yourself. One of the smartest ways to avoid plagiarism while also taking inspiration from other’s work would be to paraphrase the content in your own words. This means not copying someone’s content as it is, but rather using your own ability to rewrite and rephrase in a way that is not identical to the other writer. For doing this, try reading the work of several authors before composing your own thoughts and ideas into a dissertation. This will ensure that all the information has been accumulated in your brain.

Always quote references or facts by other people

If you decide to use some other author’s research or ideas, you may as well give them the due credit they deserve. For example, if you take facts and figures from one author’s blog or website, you should link that website in your text to avoid falling in the trap of plagiarized content. When you give credit to the author of specific pieces of information, your content will not be considered plagiarized because you are not pretending that it is your own.

Using citations for every reference

If you decide to take an excerpt from some author’s book or magazine, make sure to mention the source as well as the page number.
You must also use inverted commas for things that some author has researched about in their blog or written in their book or magazine. Citations will help you produce plagiarism free content that is acceptable everywhere!

Making use of your own writing style

Towards the end of your PhD or any other degree, you must know how to write properly, and even have your own writing style. Most companies or employers are looking for your creativity and writing style, not your skill to provide adequate citations and references. It is absolutely important to incorporate your own touch into the dissertation you are writing. That is one of the most sought-after things in thesis and dissertations. While copying others, people forget that they have their own writing and composition style as well. This leads to producing content that looks rushed and copied- a mixture of different author’s writing styles.


With the help of these tips and tricks, and while also using plagiarism checkers free, you can produce attractive and unique and distinctive dissertations that will earn you your professor’s respect and also land you a good job in the future. Just do not forget to bring out your individuality while composing your dissertation, and always check plagiarism before turning your work in.

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