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How to Write a Dissertation Introduction?

Date published August 8 2020 by Babara Neil

How to Write a Dissertation Introduction

The Introduction of your chapter serves as the first chapter of your dissertation overall. It is essential to craft a compelling introduction that manages to cover the WHAT, WHY and HOW of your research.

Considering it is the first chapter, you need to establish a clear direction for your overall research and retain the attention of the reader in the best way possible.

You can do this by working with the five following five steps:

  1. Explain the Topic and Context
  2. Address the Focus and Scope of Your Research
  3. Justify the Relevance of Your Research
  4. Jot Down Your Research Aims and Objectives
  5. Give an Overview of the Structure

Do you understand the steps that we just mentioned? If not, then it is understandable because no one can get it all in the first go. Otherwise, writing a dissertation could have been just so much easier!

No problem at all! Simply move ahead and check out each step elaborated in detail, just for you!

Table of Contents

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Getting Started With Your Dissertation

While your introduction is the first step to capturing the attention of your reader, it is necessary to note that an Abstract might be there as well depending on the kind of dissertation you will write.

Another important thing to note is that more than often, the first thing is the last to be completed, such as the abstract.

This is because: once you are done with the task overall, you can ensure that you cover the necessary points properly and develop an attractive ‘trailer’ for your dissertation. This is also one reason that many students opt to go for some dissertation abstract writing service, just to ensure that the first portion of their dissertation is engaging enough.

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    Step 1: Explaining the Topic and Context

    Start by providing background information about your topic and gradually build towards the case for your dissertation. You can try to spark up interest by including some trivial news or recent event that directly pertains to your topic and hence let readers know why your topic is of importance.

    For example:

    Your dissertation topic:

    The Plight of Female Workers in IT Industries

    The context for the topic:

    In spite of the race for equality in all professional sectors, according to a National Public Radio Report in 2013, only 20% of all of the computer programmers in the USA were female, hence letting us know that we are still quite behind in encouraging women to be more confident in IT.

    Step 2: Addressing the Focus and Scope of Your Research

    Once you have managed to establish the importance of your research, it is time to explain the focus of your research in depth. You can do this by addressing the following factors:

    1. The geographical area that you are investigating. This can be any region whether a district, city, country etc.
    2. The period that your research is going to cover. The time period can range from a few months to years depending on the timeframe allowed.
    3. The demographics and communities, which are the focus of your research. You can explain the ages, genders, ethnicities and other aspects of the people, on whom your research is based.
    4. The themes and aspects that you plan to address in your dissertation.

    By covering the listed factors, you can go in depth about the focus of your research and to which extent you plan to cover it.

    Step 3: Justifying the Relevance of Your Research

    It is crucial to justify the relevance and importance of your research so you can elaborate upon its significance in the current era. You should give an overview of the research gaps that you managed to find out and how you plan on fulfilling those gaps.

    You will perform a critical analysis of the literature in the Literature Review section, however, as far as the Introduction is concerned, you will be providing some references for the existing gaps.

    For example,

    How does the ratio of women in IT directly correlate with the underlying gender discrimination in workplace in general?

    In short, justifying your research requires explaining how your research will:

    1. Solve an existing problem (whether theoretical or practical)
    2. Work in fulfilling a gap (s) in the prevalent research
    3. Provide a new solution or understanding of the topic and problem in hand

    Step 4: Jotting down Your Research Aims and Objectives

    One of the MOST important parts of an Introduction is listing down your research aims and objectives.

    What are research aims and objectives? The answers you wish to find out and how exactly you wish to find them out.

    While you are covering this section in your Introduction, you will give a brief overview of your planned methodologies as well. You will not have to go in too much detail because there is another chapter specifically for Methodologies. Instead, you can outline your methods by briefly mentioning the methods such as qualitative or quantitative research methods.

    For example,

    1. Gather data on the total number of women currently active in IT
    2. Review the data to compare the demographics of the women in IT
    3. Analyse the perception of women in IT regarding their workplace policies

    Step 5: Giving an Overview of the Structure

    The final step to perfecting your dissertation introduction: giving an overview of the overall dissertation. This does not mean that you go too much in depth and extend the introduction to a point that it becomes boring.

    Instead, you need to succinctly illustrate the importance your research and how you plan to go about in the succeeding chapters.

    The way you do this can also vary based on your academic level and your subject. For example, subjects in humanities may develop arguments more thematically as opposed to practical research methods.

    In any way, give it your best and research plenty on the best academic search engines before you get down to the task overall! When you are done, try going for a dissertation formatting service to remove away errors that could be depreciating the quality of your Intro.

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