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How To Write An Introduction To A Research Paper – A Complete Guide

Date published June 30 2020 by Hector Shaw


“Your first impression is your last impression”. We have all heard this quote.
But what if your first impression decides the fate of your grades, or even your degree?
This is how important your “Introduction” to a research paper is.

Sadly, many people do not realize its importance, and this is not something you would get by simply googling “How to write and introduction to a research paper?”.

So, let us examine the introductory paragraph in more detail to make sure you learn how to write the best one.

Table of Contents

Research Paper Introduction – Why Is It Important?

“Research paper intro is the first and foremost part your reader will read to get an overall idea and insight about your research paper.”

  1. What your research paper is about? What is the context of your research paper?
  2. What field of study have you chosen and what will your research base around?
  • What problems or issues are you planning to solve through your research paper?
  1. How are you going to solve the issues? What is your game plan?

All of these questions will be present in the mind of your reader that you would need to answer through your introductory paragraph. Your readers should be able to tell, right from the beginning, that what they are going to be reading about, if they continue to read the rest of your research paper.

“Yes, from what it seems, writing an introduction one of the most crucial as well as one of the hardest parts of writing a research paper.”

Good Intro Paragraph For Research Paper – The Main Ingredients


Introduce The Topic

“Your beginning should be a “Hook” for your readers.”

This means that your beginning should be so interesting that it should instantly engage with your readers. It should compel them to continue reading till the very end.

One way you can do is to begin by announcing the topic in capitalized letters, to firmly establish it in the mind of the readers, while outlining the topic a bit.

Give A Bit Of Context And Background

“A brief academic history related to your topic should be established.”

Although there is a separate chapter of “Literature Reviews” for this. But over here you need to give a slight background to your readers; enough to make sure that they have a knowledge base established which they can build on as the research paper continues.

Make sure that you emphasis on the main literatures, that coincide with your topic.

State Your Approach Towards Carrying Out Your Research

“Establishing your research approach and the reason for that approach over other approaches”

You should also state the method you have chosen to carry out your research. The steps you would take. Also state the reason of choosing this particular method over other available research methods. What are the pros and cons, and how pros outweigh the cons.

State Your Rationale. Why Is Your Research Important?

“You need to prove your topic’s relevance”

You need to defend the stance of your research by answering questions like

  1. Why is your topic important?
  2. What is its significance?
  • What existing holes in literature is your research going to fill?
  1. What impact that your research is going to have?

State Your Rationale. Why Is Your Research Important?

“Set the tone for your research paper”

This makes the conclusive part of your research paper intro. The right way to sum up a good introduction is to very concisely

  1. Reiterate on the things you have stated before
  2. Revisit all ideas in a logical way
  • Reflect on the significance of your research
  1. Set the tone for the rest of the research paper

The introduction establishes

  1. Context
  2. Scope
  • Significance

Of the research being conducted, for the readers, under the light of current and existing knowledge. It concisely establishes your approach towards the research question and how you aim to answer it through your research.

An introduction is the first paragraph of your written research paper that your reader reads. It can be considered as one of the most important section of your research paper as it establishes the base on which the rest of the research paper is built on.

As it build the base, it should be very strongly written. If you feel like you may lack, then instead of taking a chance with your grades its logical to turn towards online help. Dissertation proposal is the top writing service providing company in UK that not only employees the best writers but is also very cheap.

Many people will know what goes into a research paper but do not know how to begin a research paper. Research paper always begins with an abstract which is followed by introduction. These sections present a concise summary for the developments in the rest of the research paper.

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Research introduction can be started in many ways, but the best approach is

  1. Start with a quotation


This is something that helps to capture your reader’s attention right from the start. It can be anything, a great quote by a famous person, an astonishing statistical information etc.


  1. Explain concepts


Your research paper would be read by almost everyone. So, make sure to briefly explain concepts that brings everyone on the same table.


  • Communicate your structure


It should have a clear structure and explain what you intend to do and how will you achieve this.


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