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Thesis & Dissertation Acknowledgements | Tips & Examples


A dissertation acknowledge section is a notable part of the entire research project where the researcher thanks all the people and the organization who contributed directly or indirectly to the dissertation writing process. A researcher generally gives his or her credit to the ones who helped in any way possible which led to the completion of the dissertation project. It is an important part of a dissertation or a thesis and carries emotional and ethical values rather than analytical.

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Is Acknowledgement Considered a Part of a Dissertation or Thesis?

This can be a long-heated debate and in fact, it has remained one of the most heated debates in the research world. Several researchers and scholars have focused on declaring the acknowledgement section a crucial part of the official published papers while others have denied and stated the dissertation acknowledgement an unnecessary formality. One of such examples are the esteemed European scholars Adèle Paul-Hus and Nadine Desrochers who emphasized on convincing the intellect society that dissertations are more than just thank you notes. Another example is of the scholars Cronin and Weaver who debated on the importance and the role of thesis and Masters dissertation acknowledgements in a paper. However, it’s still a debate in contemporary academic and students are required to consult their instructor regarding it.

Importance of Dissertation Acknowledgements

Students are often concerned with the importance of the acknowledgement section of any thesis or dissertation. Since they are already stressed out, they mistake this part by thinking of it as same as with the rest of the parts with strict format and heading. The following figures are generally included in an acknowledgement section.

  • Professors and Instructors
  • Laboratory assistance
  • The finding bodies
  • Colleagues or university fellows
  • Proofreaders and editors
  • The Libraries and its employees
  • People who participated in the research completion. (For example, surveys and focus groups)

The Best Guide for Writing Acknowledgements of Dissertation

The following is a simple and easy guide on how to write acknowledgments for a dissertation.

Checking the Requirements from Your Institution

It is important to ask the instructor of your institution about the acknowledgment section. Even though he is most likely to advise on writing it, there are certain universities and colleges in the UK with limited on wither the number of words to write in the acknowledgement section or in the type of people or institutional bodies to thank, for example, some do not allow mentioning personal relations. However, it is very less likely for you to be faced by some limitations in the acknowledgements. Most universities would encourage crediting by mentioning those who made the dissertation possible.

Adding Humour in the Dissertation Acknowledgement Section

Balanced humour can add a bit of spice and excitement in the acknowledgement part as often they are dry and derived of any interest. The only interesting they sound is to the instructor or anyone who is mentioned in the acknowledgement. The acknowledgement section is the only aspect of It is better to consult your instructor first and review the research guidelines of your university or college whether they consider a bit of humour permissible.

The Length of Acknowledgements

You can check different dissertation samples in various online journals and will notice how drastically the length varies from paper to paper.

When Should You Write the Dissertation Acknowledgements?

The acknowledgements are best when written at the end of the dissertation when it has reached its climax. This is because a researcher or a student can sum up all the people and the organizational bodies at one time while preparing for the section. It is less likely that someone will be forgotten. Many higher educational institutes advise on avoiding preparing this section from the initial days as it is also the least important part of the research. It is the most lenient part of the research with no headings or a format or citations. So, it’s better to note and think carefully about who helped you and who did not right after you have finished your dissertation.

Where to Put the Acknowledgement Section

I was also stuck in the same dilemma regarding the acknowledgment as well as the whole dissertation but managed with dissertation proposal writing service, otherwise, it would’ve been a serious hassles.

Some Best Dissertation Acknowledgement Examples

According to one of the best dissertation writing services in the UK, the DP dissertation service, the following are ideal examples of how the dissertation acknowledgements should be written.

Example 1

“I would like to thank Mr Wilson from the Office of National Statistics, the United Kingdom for providing insightful knowledge and participating for the required data analysis of my survey. His professional advice, expertise, and positive criticism on my report enabled me to improve and re-analyze my problem statements. The research would not have landed to the conclusion without the participation and the knowledge of Mr Wilson to whom I am entirely grateful. I also appreciate his willingness and his consent for letting me access to the databases.”

Example 2

“I would express my deep gratitude to my instructors and the faculty of Kingston University, London for guidance and support in my dissertation. I would also like to thank my classmates Jim, and Noah who volunteered in helping me conduct my survey. My project wouldn’t have been completed without the help of the staff of London Museum who engaged and participated with positive response during the surveys.”

Example 3

“Firstly, and foremost, I’d like to give a big thanks to my supervisor Mr Tao for helping me out throughout the entire course of my dissertation. His industry knowledge, expertise, and sound knowledge of my selected field assisted me beyond measures and I was able to carry out my research project and complete it successfully and within the deadline.”

Example 4

“Giving all thanks to the Almighty God for providing me with the opportunity to learn and educate myself and become a skilled person so that I can contribute to my society’s progress. I also present my utmost appreciation to my mother and father for raising me and supporting me financially so that I may pursue my higher education and become a better man. Not forgetting my little sister Emily for bearing with me in the late nights while I write my report with lights on.”

Example 5

“This dissertation could not have been completed without the brains of my friend Henry who was with me throughout every step of my research preparation. From conducting surveys to researching for the literature review, Henry has been with me throughout every thick in thin and his high enthusiasm and pertinacity enabled me to move forward and attempt to complete this research which was seeming very difficult in the beginning.”

NOTE: There can never be the best acknowledgements for thesis or a dissertation. It principally depends upon the number of participants and can range from a simple 150 words to more than 600 words.

How to Write dissertation Acknowledgements; The Gist of All

One surely can’t ignore either a thesis or a PhD dissertation acknowledgements in your project. Even though there have been serious debates in the past about its significance, the acknowledgement section continues to be not that important, yet a prominent part of the research. The above guide highlights how easy it is to pen down some “Thanks” and “Gratitudes” for the ones who engaged with your project. Hence it carries immense emotional and moral importance.

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    The best and the most common place to put the acknowledgement section is after the Title and before the Abstract, although some universities and colleges in the UK suggest placing after the abstract. But that is a small number and one will be majorly selected to place before the abstract of the dissertation.

    The acknowledgements are prepared as a gesture of gratitude and respect towards the contributing figures. Therefore, they have been considered best when put in the beginning portion of the research. Though it's not that big issue as your instructor will most probably already tell you, another reason is that since it’s the least favourite part of the dissertation, its position will not matter that much unless it hampers the structure of the important parts of the project.

    There is no definite or fixed length of the paragraph body of your acknowledgement section. The length can be varied depending on the people to thank and acknowledge as long as its in one page. As long as you do not cross that one-page limit, its ala good to go. One can Google for dissertation acknowledgements examples UK websites have, they will be around 400 words on average.

    According to a majority of scholars, PhD, Masters, or even undergraduate dissertation acknowledgements do not carry any sort of qualitative value. They symbolize moral and emotional values as they express gratitude and honour to the contributing figures whether people or organizations. It can be seen as a sign of respect for the student as he or she fulfills her moral responsibility by paying regards.

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