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Are You Having Troubles To Structure Dissertation Proposal

Date published June 6 2020 by Evie Tyler

how to structure dissertation proposal

I stared at the blank screen for 4 hours before realising I don’t know anything about how to structure dissertation proposal. I mean, it’s just a basic introduction of what your dissertation is going to be about.


Well, I guess you are here because you’re either having problems with the dissertation proposal or your dissertation OR you’re going to start a capital structure dissertation or any other dissertation soon and looking for some help. Either way, you have landed on a gold mine because I have the secrets to make your dissertation proposal look like a masterpiece. 

If you ask me to compare my professors to a movie villain, I’d say Dolores Um bridge (from the Harry Potter series) in a heartbeat. They were extremely strict for no reason and never ever helped us. But hey you don’t have to worry, because you have got me! 

Table of Contents

How “Dissertation Proposal” Can Help You!

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So let’s talk about on how to structure dissertation chapters. 

A dissertation proposal has 3 chapters:

  • Introduction:
  • You have to state a very concise introduction of your dissertation including its scope, impact and contribution

  • Literature Review
  • You have to reference all the literature used in your research and dissertation.

  • Methodology
  • You have state the methods that you will use for your research and writing your dissertation later on. 

    While a dissertation has 5 chapters: 

  • Introduction
  • The introduction chapter, you have to address the introduction and background of the problem. The introduction chapter should give the reader an idea of what your dissertation is about and must include research purpose and questions that serve as the general idea of your dissertation.

  • Literature Review
  • You have to address and state all the reference you used for research during your dissertation. Make sure to use literature published within the last 10 years to keep your dissertation up-to-date. You also have to address the conceptual and/or conceptual framework to justify and support your usage of content.

  • Methodology
  • The methodology chapter is tricky one because there are multiple methods to do this chapter depending on your research style and topic. 

    The three different methodology types are: 

    • Qualitative Methodology
    • Quantitative Research Methods
    • Combined Methodology Analysis

    Regardless of the style, the main concept of the chapter remains same. You have to address the methods you have used or are using for research and writing your dissertation.

  • Data Collection + Analysis
  • In this chapter, you have to state the data you collected through all the research and then analyze it. You have to conclude it stating whether the finding and results were as same as your expectations or not. 

  • Interpretation & Recommendations
  • Now we come at the conclusion of your dissertation. 

    In the fifth and final chapter, you have to interpret all the analysis you did to support your argument and state all the outcomes of your research. Then you have to add your own opinions and recommendations on how the results could be improved or implied. 

    Structuring each of the chapter is different. So you should note down every single thing you’re going to learn about structuring dissertation propose below!

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      The Spell to Craft an Amazing Dissertation Proposal Outline

      Now without wasting anytime, let’s jump into the depth of how you can craft a hard to reject dissertation proposal using my secret outline guide.


      An ideal dissertation proposal outline looks like this:


      The Spell to Craft an Amazing Dissertation Proposal Outline

    • Title:
    • A good title is key to capture anyone’s attention and can have a huge impact on either positive or negative way on your dissertation. 

    • Abstract:
    • You will have to write an abstract for your dissertation proposal if you are asked to do so. 

      Usually, the abstract is added to the final dissertation and ranges around 300-400 words. 

      Here are some points that your abstract should cover: 

      • Your research’s background.
      • State the research questions that you wish to address.
      • Your research methods that’ll either test hypothesis or state the research problem(s).
      • The impact of your research as to how it will add value to the academic or scientific community.

    • Introduction:
    • The introduction structure dissertation proposal is very crucial. 

      This is your first and maybe only chance to capture the reader’s attention. It should be engaging as well as provide the background of your topic and explain the dissertation problem.

    • Aims and Objectives:
    • This is the most important part of your proposal because this is where u have to state the following: 

      • What specific findings you’re expecting
      • Explain the aims and objectives of your research
      • Research questions and objective study
      • How your research will be beneficial.

    • Literature Review:
    • The literature review structure dissertation proposal part is where you have to take the following points in consideration: 

      • An extensive list of key theories on your topic reported by scholars.
      • Refer to all the material and literature you used for research.
      • Mentioning specific arguments or methodologies that previous scholars used

    • Methodology:
    • The methodology structure dissertation proposal is where you explain to your readers what method you will be using for conducting your research and writing your dissertation. Make sure to mention which method you will using.

      Any ethical issues or research limitations that you expect to occur should be mentioned as well!

    • Project Schedule:
    • Some professors might ask you to give them an estimated schedule of how you will write your dissertation. So make a graph/chart that includes everything from researching to travelling to writing a specific part

    • References and In-Text Citations:
    • People often forget about references and citations. 

      They are very important as they can increase the credibility of your dissertation in a very great way. Cite all the data you have taken from other authors, believe me, it works like a miracle 

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      Now you know my secrets and a good student always surpasses the teacher. So it’s your turn to shine and set your mark with the tips and information I gave you! Don’t you dare let me down!

      Author Bio

      Dr. Natalia Stone is a Doctor of Education from Canterbury Christ Church University who loves to read and write on fashion, cultures, and also educational topics to help out students around the world with her knowledge!