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25 Best Summer Jobs for College Students

Date published October 13 2020 by Stella Carter

25 Best Summer Jobs for College Students

Summers are of vitality and fun. Some prefer it staying outdoors for its allure while others consider staying indoors away from the heat. And finding a job is quite a challenge in these sunny days. Those outdoor folks who like outdoor jobs call it warm-day while those who prefer indoor during summers call it hot-day. So, let’s dig into the best for you.

Table of Contents

1) Nanny

One of the best summer jobs for students is to become a part time nanny with flexibility timings and a comfortable environment.

2) Call Center Representative

Call center representative is another summer job mostly done in the evenings, late nights, or weekends. The pay is good and students can also manage their classes.

3) Dog Walker/Caretaker

With the growing pet industry, the number of wanted pet caretakers have also increased. It’s a part time job perfect for someone who is an animal lover.

4) Freelance Copy-writer

Copywriting is an in-demand profession which can also be performed in remote location and often has flexible timing with good salary offerings.

5) Freelance Academic Writer

Students can become academic writers and can offer dissertation data analysis service and other academic-related services. The job is an ideal for students for its good pay scale and remote-working nature.

6) Freelance Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is another growing field which can be performed in variable timings. The pay scale is more than average for this job and is also considered a wide collar job.

7) Graphic Designer

We are living in the world of pictures. Becoming a freelance graphic designer will give you good money as well as the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime.

8) Freelance Developer

Probably the highest paying job in this list. IT professionals and developers offer technical services such as website and mobile application designs. IT jobs can be performed while working from home and at different timings.

9) Personal Trainer

For students who are into fitness, this job might be perfect for you. Personal trainers can be hired by people at different schedules making them an ideal student job.

10) Tutor

Becoming an online tutor is another exciting part-time job.

11) Food Server

Students can work part-time at any café and restaurant for limited hours.

12) Food Deliver

Food deliver guys can work in shifts from 3 to 4 hours a day.

13) Home Nurse

For sympathetic or medical people who want a comforting environment.

14) Receptionist

Another part time administrative job with great potential.

15) Taxi Driver

Students with work for 4 to 5 hours at driving services such as Uber.

16) Life Guard

An ideal summer job from keeping the people safe and from getting too excited in seeing the beach/swimming pool.

17) Car Washer

Car washer is a job with rotating timings although it involves much physical efforts.

18) Mechanic

If you’re into cars and bikes, this job is made for you. Mechanical and automobile engineering students are encouraged. Make sure to do this job after class as you would become tired after putting physical efforts.

19) Gardener

There’s nothing soothing than maintaining nature and getting paid for it.

20) Tour Guide

Guide tourists by working as a guide for 4 to 5 hours a day anytime.

21) Data Entry Clerk

Students who eve know basic IT skills can opt for becoming a data entry clerk for only few hours a day.

22) Cleaner

Students can work as a cleaner at night or weekends shifts at homes, restaurants, cafes, and pubs

23) Swimming Instructor

Another perfect job for summers involving water, splashes, and discipline.

24) Painter

No, not like Picasso. House painters are excellent 5 to 6 hour working individuals.              

25) Bartender

Summers make people go to clubs and pubs. Why not serve them for few hours a night?


There are hundreds of summer jobs for students to choose. From offering freelance dissertation PowerPoint service to video-editing, all of them can be performed on flexible timings.