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The Best Health Insurance for College Students

Date published October 11 2020 by Stella Carter

The Best Health Insurance for College Students

Imagine meeting an unfortunate incident while on your way to your friend for your masters dissertation proposal help. Or getting a skin burn while in your chemistry class. Health is wealth and surely can’t be taken for granted. Whether you are in your hometown, or from a different country, a proper health-plan the first thing every student must consider before opting for a graduate or a master’s study.

Table of Contents

Health is Wealth

The importance of health is necessary and the first priority people consider. Whether an organization, or an institute, each body ensures people associated with it have health insurance for them and sometimes for their family. This is because of the obvious fact that health is precious and should not be compromised at any cost by anyone. A health insurance minimizes the financial burden in case of a major incident such as a major surgery. 

Importance of Health Insurance for students

Health insurance is nowadays a must for every local and international student. Students should not risk of facing with any accident or a such critical scenario during their academic years. Luckily these are numerous health insurance programs that are offered to students who are willing to apply to a university or a graduate school.

The Major Three Type of Medical Insurance or Health Plans

Since education in itself is a costly step for a student. It is highly important to research the three type of medical insurance being offered since a majority of the students are already tight on their budgets.

1) Health Plans by College/Universities

Many well known universities such as the Columbia University and the University of Waterloo offer healthcare plans to its students. The students after getting their admission application approved should also apply for the healthcare program being offered by their university and college.

2) Health Plans in the Market

There are a variety of medical insurances being offered in the private market. Students can freely search for the one which suits their needs. The health plans successfully cover aspects such as doctors and psychiatric appointments, surgeries, daily checkups, and even pregnancies.

3) Catastrophic Health Plans

You might have guessed by the name. In case of an emergency, or a catastrophe, students can benefit and reduce the financial burdens of unexpected surgeries and diagnosis treatments.

4) Medic-aid Health Plans    

For students who are completely studying in their own expense and often without any student loans can apply for a Medic-aid health insurance and can avail free or very low-cost medical treatments throughout the years of study. This criteria for Medic-aid plan is tough to qualify and only a handful of the students are qualified to benefit.

5) Health Plans for International Students

International students who apply for a student visa to countries such as the United Kingdom do not require to go for a private medical insurance. The NHS (National health service) of UK is one of the superlative medical service aimed for providing healthcare to all the local as well as foreigner students. The application for NHS is usually submitted along with the student visa application.

Cost of Health Insurances

When medical college students were asked about what they are concerned the most, regarding expenses as higher education students. They replied by stating that medical insurance is the first, and the prices of mental health nursing dissertation topics are the second. According to ActiveQuote, the average cost for medical insurance for a UK student is around £1,414 to £1,455. 


Medical insurance is something people should be aware as it better to plan for any future accident or surgery. Students should be cognizant of how medical insurance and health plans can benefit them. There is a plethora of companies offering healthcare insurances in both the public and the private sector. Even international students now adays need to consider for medical insurance before applying for a student visa.