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Doctor of Philosophy or PhD as we commonly say is known as the terminal degree in most educational fields. By acquiring a doctorate degree, an individual has procured the highest level of degree in their respective field and is thus considered as someone with expert’s knowledge on the subject.

However, for completing a PhD degree, students have to work on a PhD thesis that can take anywhere from a year or two. Since the task is not that easy, many students tend to require buy PhD thesis writing help for being done with the thesis overall.

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Why Would You as a Student, Require Help with PhD Thesis?

A thesis, as everyone knows, is a long research paper that can extend up to 100,000 words at PhD level. While most students are accustomed to the practice of ‘researching’ since their school years, the concept of researching takes a different angle at university level. Students have to produce assignments and even full-fledged research papers, which not only consumes a lot of effort and time but takes in tons of motivation too.


What makes a PhD thesis difficult to manage?

  • The in-depth research it requires
  • Absence of writing skills
  • Inability to think critically
  • Not being able to analyse existing literature
  • Overbearing supervisors that do not help
  • Feeling demotivated after some time
  • The long structure of the thesis

It is common knowledge that completing a PhD thesis takes a long time, during which, the student may begin to lose motivation especially if they had not been entirely interested since the onset of their research phase.

What makes a PhD thesis harder is that students have to discover some new findings that can contribute to the academic society. With so much of competition already present in the world, it is no secret that the research phase has become harder too, in the parallel.

The structure of the thesis, while only comprises of less than 10 chapters, has lots of technicalities to follow through. Each chapter has its own set of research and writing and students may often mix them up. As such, it is crucial to understand the structure of a thesis properly, before starting the task, since it varies in some areas from a regular undergraduate and graduate thesis.

What is the structure of a PhD thesis?

  1. Abstract: a short summary at the beginning
  2. Introduction: includes the background of the topic, justifies your niche, explains your topic’s significance and lays the research aims and objectives.
  3. Literature Review: a critical review of relevant literature that exists for your topic. It is where you highlight the research gaps.
  4. Theory Framework: the basis for your research, where you include your hypotheses and tell why and how you chose the particular theory.
  5. Methodology: A summary and discussion of the methods you chose for research, such as for collecting data and how the data answered your questions.
  6. Empirical Chapter: presents the empirics and is a technical and straightforward chapter, which helps in understanding the results of your research.
  7. Discussions: discussion of the empirics (a relatively hard chapter since you have to present it like an expert.
  8. Conclusion: the ending of the thesis, where the student summarises the entire thesis and justifies it by listing the findings and how they have proved to be significant.

As you can decipher from the listed structure, each sections requires its own set of efforts during the thesis-writing phase. Many students tend to mix them up and end up putting themselves under severe stress when they finally get to the editing phase.

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No matter how old a student grows, they always need some kind of guidance or the other, which makes them a student and not a teacher. However, some students are often unfortunate and do not get the assistance that they require.

In the end, these students have no choice but to run to the internet for a final solution, for help with PhD. On the internet, they will find a huge number of online academic services, some of which may be suitable while some may turn out to be a scam.

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    Based on average of responses given by plenty of doctoral students, it can take anywhere between 13 to 20 months for writing up a PhD thesis. Unlike an undergraduate or a graduate level thesis, it can extend beyond a year due to the level of research required. The research for a PhD thesis is focused on new findings, which contribute well to the academics, therefore making the period longer.

    To write a good PhD thesis, you need to work on your writing skills, grammar, research, analytical skills, critical thinking skills, area of focus and most of all; your level of motivation!

    Many more skills and abilities are required but most of all, you should be willing to dedicate yourself to research for around two years. You have to motivate yourself by telling yourself that you will be contributing to the academics and will acquire your doctorate degree, once you have done your PhD thesis.

    The degree of difficulty in writing a PhD thesis depends on your own will, knowledge and abilities. If you have the morale and vigour to dedicate yourself for around two years to research and writing, then the task should not be too difficult for you.


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