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Best Biology Research Topics

Date published July 11 2020 by Evie Tyler


Academic assignments are difficult to write and also takes time to complete, almost weeks or days. A Medical university student life is full of miseries and stress. In the beginning of the semester, students are passionate, hardworking and expressive. Gradually as the years goes by, the stress level increases, the number of assignments also surplus.

One of the stressful activity in your University career is to write a biology research paper. This kind of assignment mainly requires intensive concentration and dedication.

Table of Contents

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If you were a student, what would your worries be, related to biology research topics?
  • What are some interesting biology topics to research?
  • Where do I look for information and what are some credible sources?
  • Where to start research?
  • What if I have a solution for your problem, then? Will you believe me. I have a list of dissertation topics that are hot globally such as, animal biology, ecology, human’s biology and many more.

    List Of Best Biology Research Topics

    Whether you have to write a PhD dissertation or any other dissertation for your program, the rules are particularly similar. First you need to select an interesting biology topics to research, then analysis the
    topic you selected, make sure your topic is not too broad and not narrow, kindly research the topic thoroughly and lastly, evaluate your resources carefully.

    1. The abortion controversy: conflict beliefs and values in American society

    2. Human embryonic stem cells: possibilities for human cell transplantation

    3. Evidence of a pluripotent human embryonic stem cell line derived from a cloned blastocyst

    4. New prospects for human stem-cell therapy in the nervous system

    5. Stem cells, tissue engineering and organogenesis in transplantation

    6. human neural stem cells can migrate, differentiate and integrate after intravenous transplantation in adult rats with transient forebrain ischemia

    7. The emotional and hormonal pathways of labor and birth: integrating mind, body and behavior

    8. Hormonal mechanisms of cooperative behavior

    9. Depression during pregnancy and postpartum: contribution of stress and ovarian hormones

    10. Mood, depression, and reproductive hormones in the menopause transition

    11. T-cell tolerance and autoimmunity

    12. Role of antigen-presenting cells in mediating tolerance and autoimmunity

    13. Mechanism of tolerance and autoimmunity

    14. Development of allergies and asthma in infants and young children

    15. Exercise-induced asthma /other allergic reactions in the athletic

    16. Risk factors for developing asthma and allergic rhinitis

    17. Genetics and genomics of asthma and allergic disease

    18. Systematic reactions and fatalities associated with allergen immunity

    19. Homosexuality and the medical model

    20. Psychopathology of compulsive homosexuality

    21. Variation in the fetal electrocardiogram with period of gestation

    22. Association between periods of gestation and length of menstrual cycle

    23. Copy number variation: new insights in genome diversity

    24. Genetic variation and the de novo assembly of human genomes

    25. Public attitude towards genetically modified food

    26. Genetically modified food crops and their contribution to human nutrition and food quality

    27. Safe and sustainable systems for food-grade fermentations by genetically modified lactic acid bacteria

    28. Influence of endogenous opioids on the response of selected hormones to exercise in humans

    29. Thyroids hormones and cardiovascular disease

    30. The role of vitamin D endocrine system in health and disease

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      Best Biology Research Topic Ideas For 2020

      The world of biology and science is detailed and probably makes research more in-depth. Though there are thousands of topics for students that may be suitable for research. By using our list of good topics for biology research paper you can easily conduct an intensive writing of your own interest.

      1. The use of plants for environmental monitoring and assessment

      2. Night vision by cuttlefish enables changeable camouflage

      3. Hyperspectral imaging of cuttlefish camouflage indicates good color match in the eyes of fish predators

      4. Rapid adaptive camouflage in cephalopods

      5. How do influenza vaccine work?

      6. Vaccines against drugs of abuse

      7. Heat shock protein-based cancer vaccines

      8. Devoting greater efforts to transgenic crop cultivation

      9. Molecular strategies for gene containment in transgenic crops

      10. Economic impact of transgenic crops in developing countries

      11. The role of transgenic crops in sustainable development

      12. Influence of stress and nutrition on cattle immunity

      13. Stress related impairments in cellular immunity

      14. Effect of acute and chronic social stress on blood cellular immunity in rats

      15. Reservoirs of antibiotic resistance in gene

      16. Sex hormones and female homosexuality

      17. Homosexuality in twins: A family study and a registry study

      18. Evidence of familial nature of male homosexuality

      19. Genetic analysis of resistance to viral infection

      20. Viral infection in adults hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia

      21. HIV disease and the endocrine system

      22. Vitamins D endocrine system involvement in autoimmune rheumatic disease

      23. Exposure to environment endocrine disruptors and child development

      24. Melatonin therapy for REM sleep behavior disorder

      25. Endocrine and immune effects of melatonin therapy in metastatic cancer patient

      26. The immune system and aging

      27. Age related loss of DNA repair synthesis in isolated rat’s myocardial cells

      28. Fractal changes in heart rate dynamics with aging and heart failure

      29. Chronic kidney disease and premature aging

      30. DNA damage repair in plants

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      Now! Start To Write Your Best Biology Research Paper

      You must have selected the related topic for your biology research paper from the given list above, now is the time for you to research. Check whether the topic is suitable for you. And the craziest roller coaster has now begun. Where you need to cover all the five chapters of your dissertation. You need to conduct interviews, distribute questionnaires and arrange focus group events just to get enough information about your research. Then, all these efforts of collecting data from the samples, you need to
      put down each data sample in software to check results. When these results have been calculated, interpret them one by one to get your readers understand how research took place. Lastly, conclusion and recommendation is added in the end. Conclude the relevant points and if you forget to mention an important point in your study do not add it in your conclusion section. This point will be added in your appendix section.