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Biomedical Science Research Topics

Date published October 21 2020 by Stella Carter

Biomedical Science Research Topics

Table of Contents

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    List of Best Biomedical Science Research Topics

    The aim of the study is to determine the effect of UV light on the coronavirus. For decades, the ultraviolet light has been used to stop the pathogens from moving further. Some studies have stated that it is vital that the right kind of UV is chosen to ensure that an appropriate dosage is utilised in complicated operations that have been administered by trained professionals. Many analysts are of the view that if UV lights can help in eliminating SARS-CoV-2; there is a high chance that this particular approach can also help in eradicating the Corona Virus.

    The aim of the study is to analyse the diverse ways through which different cultures attempt to decrease the effect of malaria on the brain and liver. Malaria is considered to be the most widespread infectious diseases around the globe. It has been predicted by the World Health Organisation that 50% of the population that resides in 109 countries high a chance of being able to develop the ways through which malaria spread can be stopped. Moreover, it is vital to note that different cultures have diverse ways through which believe that the effect of malaria can be significantly decreased. In this study, the different culture attempt to decrease the effect of malaria on brain and liver will be analysed through diverse secondary sources of academic articles, academic books and son.

    The aim of the study is to evaluate the biotechnology principle which would help in creating robust vaccines. The biotechnology principle resides on two factors which are genetic engineering and chemical engineering process. The genetic engineering focuses on different techniques that help in alteration of genetic material; while, the chemical engineering process is mainly the maintenance of the microbial contamination-free environment. The purpose here is to initiate the large growth of desired eukaryotic or microbe cell to manufacture biotechnological products. The study would focus on assessing the two categories of biotechnology principle so ensure that stronger vaccines are created which would have higher efficiency.

    The aim of the study is to evaluate the use of biotechnology to improve the healthcare treatment services and reduce the prices simultaneously of the treatment. Biotechnology has provided modern medical devices for diagnostic and preventive purposes that comprises of diagnostic test kits, vaccines and other therapeutic aspects. In the case of healthcare treatment services, biotechnology ensures that it is working toward decreasing any health differences all over the world. However, prices of the treatment services are significantly high which makes it difficult for a common man to make use of biotechnology aspects. The study will focus on understanding how an improvement in healthcare service can take place, along with decreasing prices of biotechnology.

    The aim of the study is to determine the ways through which diseases causing bacteria and virus can be eliminated through the use of machines in the field of microbiology. Disease causing bacteria and virus are the types of organisms that can be considered harmful as many of them produced toxins which are powerful chemicals that damage cells. In such a situation, it becomes vital that such bacteria and viruses be killed through the use of machines. In different fields (such as manufacturing, food and safety and so on), there is a need to use machines that would help in eradicating bacteria and viruses on an immediate basis.

    The aim of the study is to assess the importance of preventing harmful x-rays which causes harmful mutations for humans. The type of radiation that occurs creates a significant impact on the living tissue which is perceived to be complicated by the type of radiation and the differences of tissues. In addition, it is imperative to note that not all radiations have a positive impact on the human body. Some harm x-rays tend to have a negative impact on the human body; in some cases, causing a mutation as well. This study will focus on the ways that would help in preventing the harmful x-rays to ensure any harmful mutations are prevented.

    The aim of the study is to analyse the symptoms that help in recognising blood cancer, which remains unnoticed until the last stage. For many analysts, blood cancer is considered to be a silent killer, which means that the individual who has the disease would not have any idea that he is suffering from blood cancer. Analysts have demonstrated in various studies that there is a need for having strategies that would help in recognising the blood cancer at an early stage to ensure appropriate measures can be taken. In this study, the symptoms that help in recognising blood cancer will be analysed to ensure the disease is recognised at an early stage.

    The aim of the study is to assess the different solutions that can be used in the treatment of lymphomas cancer. Lymphoma cancer is lymphatic cancer, a part of the body’s germ-fighting network. Various studies have stated that lymphatic systems comprise of lymph nodes, spleen, thymus gland and bone marrow; apart from these areas, the lymphomas can affect other organs of the body as well. There is a need to implement measures or treatments that would help in resolving lymphomas cancer on an immediate basis. However, not all treatments are considered safe or reliable for treating lymphoma cancer. The study will focus on assessing the best solutions for resolving the lymphoma cancer.

    The aim of the study is to analyse the impact of metastatic tumours on the central nervous system. The metastatic tumour is cancer cells that break away from the place they were first formed and travel through blood or lymph system, creating new tumour in other areas of the body. It is imperative to note here that metastatic tumours can affect the central nervous system in a negative way, making it difficult for the human body to function in an effective manner. This particular tumour has the ability to cripple an individual for life, as he would not be cured of this concern but lives with it.

    The aim of the study is to analyse the role of inflammation on brain and behaviour of the human being. Various studies have cited that there is a tightly regulated relationship between brain and immune system, as it helps in maintaining good brain health. The peripheral immune cells and signalling do not interact with the brain only during the disease, but it also focused on normal healthy conditions. However, the key factor to focus on is whether the peripheral immune system affects behaviour as well or not. The study will focus on analysing the role of inflammation on the brain, along with assessing if the behaviour of the human being is affected in any way.

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