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Business Management Research Topics

Date published October 20 2020 by Babara Neil

Business Management Research Topics

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Table of Contents

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    The aim is to examine the problem that start-ups face initially which impact their early formation of inter-organisational networks and management of daily operations in order to provide solutions to these businesses. It is important to look into the problems that start-ups face initially as they hinder their collaborative relationships with incumbent organisations. By focusing on the problems and implications, performance and innovation of start-ups can be enhanced. The identification of problems and provision of their solutions can provide value creation to start-ups in developing inter-organisational relations and opportunities for capturing value in future. Therefore, the solutions can provide active knowledge creation and passive knowledge flow in inter-organisational collaboration along with availability of the corresponding assets of the incumbent.


    The aim is to analyse how communication breakdown between managers and employees, and among employees can impact the overall functioning, management and profitability of businesses. It is significant to study how behaviours and attitudes of managers and employees can lead to communication breakdown and the factors that contribute to such behaviours. Employees trust their managers for seeking solutions to their problems, however, barriers in communication can lead to selective perceptions, emotional disconnects, lack of credibility, gender differences, workplace gossips and biased behaviours and languages. The barriers can further impede the effective management of business and growth in profits. Therefore, effective communication between managers and employees can contribute to the development and implementation of strategies and policies within the organisations that can influence the formation of strategies and organisational objectives.


    The aim is to analyse the efficiency of collective bargaining in solving disputes and conflicts between a group of employees, and employers and employees. It is important to promote the practices of collective bargaining in organisations in this highly competitive era as it acts as an instrument that discusses the concerns and issues regarding work, functions and operations within organisations. The practice of collective bargaining can assist business managers in creating a platform for negotiations in good faith and promotion of efficient communication. The settlement of conflicts and disputes can improve determination of terms and conditions of employment, negotiation between businesses and mechanisms across businesses.


    The aim is to analyse different gender management strategies utilised in a variety of organisations. The gender management strategies that contribute to growth and profitability of businesses are important to assess as gender-based differences in attitudes, behaviours and preferences can lead to issues among employees. These issues further contribute to increased turnover in the organisations. Therefore, gender management strategies can assist businesses in creating equal number of teams of men and women both to increase their profits and sales. Gender management strategies can also improve gender diversity in the workplace which can generate can a variety of ideas for employers and managers to create policies and strategies for improving the business operations. The enhancement of business operations can lead to successful work processes and team performances which can improve the profits and sales of organisations.


    The aim is to assess how critical thinking managers can influence the management decisions within businesses. Managers that think critically can improve teamwork and leadership, and enhance soft skills including problem solving skills of employees. The enhancement of soft skills of employees can further lead to collaborative decision making between employees and employers which can positively contribute to an organisation’s growth. Critical thinking of managers regarding managerial decisions is important as communication and critical thinking are directly linked which can improve collaboration between departments and assessment of complex situations. Therefore, critical thinking can assist managers in analysing the consequences of their decisions and thinking independently without bias and judgement to predict processes and behaviours.


    The aim is to investigate the impact of pricing policies on the growth of profits within organisations as it is one of the most significant decision in management that further impacts market competitiveness and corporate profitability. The discussion of pricing policies is significant for marketers and entrepreneurs as it estimates and represents consumer value. It also influences the profitability of businesses and provides a more strategic view during the process of pricing that may point out aspects that are often overlooked by managers. Therefore, mismanagement of pricing can cause loads of anticipated profits and money to go to waste and unexplored.


    The aim is to examine the impact of moral principles set within organisations on the decisions related to business that managers make. It is important to determine and assess moral principles that are practiced within organisations in order to identify the managers’ perceived importance of ethics. The perception of managers is necessary to be illustrated regarding ethical problems that are often faced within organisations due to moral and professional principles. Therefore, moral judgment, moral sensitivity, moral character and moral motivation can introduce methodical strategies to solve problems of ethics and set strategic decision-making formats.


    The aim is to investigate the role of management in developing good relations between employees within organisations so that employees can conduct activities with each other. The good relations between employers and managers can further improve the culture within organisations. It is important that managers take interest in employee engagement and understand them better so that employee satisfaction can be enhanced and healthy competition at work can be developed. Employee satisfaction and engagement can foster good employee relations which can further promote workplace cooperation.


    The aim is to analyse the role of insurance companies in the sustainability and growth of businesses. The contribution of insurance companies to the process and finance of a business can lead to the development of competitive business environment and provide strategic approach towards sustainability, an objective to decrease risks, enhancement of business performance, and establishment of innovative solutions. The aforementioned aspects further contribute to social, environmental and economic sustainability. It is also important to assess insurance companies in terms of growth of businesses as insurers can assist businesses, individuals and communities in identifying the need for massive protection from governance and environmental disasters such as issues if investors, managers and climate change.


    The aim is to evaluate the organisation of events that aid in improving the productivity and cohesion of team within an organisation. Since teams play a significant role in terms of responding to competitive challenges, therefore, they need to be cohesive and productive in order to enhance organisational effectiveness, increase participation, generate ideas, manage conflict and enhance communication within organisations. Therefore, the organisation of events should be orderly, arranged and methodical which promote team building and team support.

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