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Management Research Topics with Aims

Date published October 22 2020 by Stella Carter


Table of Contents

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    List of Best Management Research Topics


    The aim of the research is to assess the influence of management and trade unions in promoting and protecting interests of employees. Numerous employees around the world have the perception that there is a need to have trade unions as these unions help in promoting and protecting the interest of employees, and provide employees with a supportive stance in front of the management. These interests are usually issues related to taking leaves, salary increment and other employees’ issues. This particular study would help in providing a better idea regarding how the interests of employees in the retailing industry are influenced by management and trade unions.

    recommendations to promote freedom of speech and privacy over media.  


    The aim of the study is to assess how motivating theories can help the management of banks to improve the overall performance of the banking sector, with a focus on the UK. Every sector requires to make use of diverse motivating theories so that they are able to ensure their employees are motivated to work for the organisation and sector. From this study, the researcher aims to find out the impact of motivational theories that would help the management of different banks in the UK to improve the overall performance of the banking sector.


    The aim of the study is to analyse how labour strikes affect the performance and goal achieving of an organisation as a whole. Labours are considered to be a vital part of organisations owing to which it is important for management to ensure the formers are satisfied. However, in case of dissatisfaction, labours tend to go on a strike which means the entire operation is halted. The labour strike usually occurs when employees are not happy with their work environment or wages they are receiving. The study would help in providing a better understanding of how labour strike affects the performance and achievement of the goals of an organisation.


    The aim of the study is to analyse the use of variety reduction tool by management for effective materials control, focusing on the Nigerian bottling companies. Variety reduction tool is mainly a procedure that is used to describe the standardisation and simplification where diverse items are capable of performing the same function in large quantities. The idea here is to ensure that the costs are reduced and no duplicates products are created. In the case of Nigerian bottling companies, this particular tool would be extremely helpful as it would help them to have a control over materials that are being produced in an effective manner.


    The aim of the study is to assess the use of control inventory levels that provides high-quality service to customers, in light of the manufacturing organisations. A key concern for management in numerous organisations is to have control of inventory levels in their supply chain management so that they are able to provide better service to their customers. There are different ways through which inventory levels can be controlled which are FIFO approach, reducing equipment repair times, and so on. For manufacturing organisation, this particular approach would help in ensuring that customers are able to get their products on time and of high quality.


    The aim of the study is to analyse how total quality management (TQM) helps in the area of improvement of customer retention and satisfaction for manufacturers. One of the main concern for management in manufacturing organisations is to ensure that their TQM tool is used in a way that it would help in the improvement of customer retention and satisfaction. The basic purpose of TQM is to ensure that the business performance is improved in which there is a need for employees to be fully committed as this would lead to the customer receiving precisely what they have ordered. The study would focus on how manufacturers can use TQM to improve customer retention and satisfaction.


    The aim of the study is to assess how group decision-making helps in resolving conflicts among people from different cultural backgrounds. A major concern that the management of diverse organisations has to face is dealing with employees from different cultural backgrounds. The situation becomes even worse when conflict among people from different cultures. In such a situation, the use of group decision-making approach by the management can be helpful in resolving conflict among people from different cultural backgrounds. There would be a need to implement appropriate strategies that can work towards resolving conflicts in an amicable manner through the group decision-making procedure.


    The aim of the study is to assess ways that high-level management can implement to provide equal opportunities for women in the retailing sector. A major issue that has been presently taking place around the world is women not being provided with equal opportunities in various sectors, with a specific focus on the retailing sector. There is a need for high-level management of different retailing organisations to assess ways that would help in providing equal opportunities for women in the retailing sector. This would pave way for women to become part of the retailing sector and be able to contribute to the field as well with their knowledge.


    The aim of the study is to assess the impact of customer relationship management (CRM) on employees in the banking industry of the UK. Customer relationship management plays a vital role in the banking industry of the UK as it comprises of practices, strategies and technologies that help the organisation to manage and analyse their customer interactions. The impact of CRM on employees is that it would allow them to have a better understanding of what customers want and how their requirement should be fulfilled to ensure they are satisfied. In the UK, there is a need for the banking industry to utilise CRM to help employees in better understanding the customers.


    The aim of the study is to evaluate the influence of knowledge management in organisational competitiveness in the hospitality industry. Knowledge management plays a vital role in ensuring that an organisation is able to create value and meet tactical & strategic requirements as it comprises of different processes. It is imperative to note that knowledge management can help management in ensuring that it is able to improve the competitiveness of the organisation, to be able to compete in the market. In the hospitality industry, the aspect of knowledge management is a vital factor because it would help in improving the overall factor of competitiveness among organisations.

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