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Marketing Research Topics with Aims for PhD MBA Masters and Bachelors Students

Date published March 25 2023 by Stella Carter


Table of Contents

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    List of Best Marketing Research Topics


                This proposed work is focused on the ML mechanisms for social media marketing and explains concept of enhancement of social media marketing and machine learning. The study intends to integrate various machine learning tools such as RAPID MINER, KNIME, ORANGE and WEKA. The purpose of the study is overcoming the issues of prediction of consumer behaviour associated with these methods such as the prominent knowledge of database handling, large installation size, and limited reporting capabilities for development of improved social media marketing strategies in business sector.


    This study’s aim is the performance of segmentation analysis in addition to the classification of the target segmented members using the data from the survey. Through the performance of this utilised customer survey data analysis, the research purpose if confirmation of usefulness of methods of data science in marketing and sales sectors. The study intends to further understand data driven approach in environment of luxury retail sector. This study’s task was firstly relevant to grouping of customers of luxury retail market and secondly spotting members of target group through respective use of available methods of data science.


                The study aims to provide a comparison between working-and middle-class consumers and highlight ways in which social class is cause of determination of consumer behaviour through set of supportive culture cycles. The study intends to supply evidences of this segmentation that exist for proposing methods of marketing according to this segmentation existing in behavioural patterns of consumers for enhancement of reach of company. It also seeks to provide opening for development of methods of improving efficiency of marketing technique in a segmented environment.


    The study introduces the rise of shopping and the high sales drive on days such as the black Friday sale and emphasises on the experience of uncontrollable crowd on this sale as the reason of the high profit. This research aims to provide the details of marketing techniques which enhances opportunity of enhancement of sales on this day. It will focus on transformation of Black Friday as a norm and a holiday event. It seeks to explain the methods of marketing methods for influencing consumer behaviour and use of aggressive marketing techniques currently functional in retail sectors.


                This study introduces initial examination on the way Covid-19 has influence the fundamental change in essence as well as development of marketing strategy in various sector. It focuses on emphasising that it has created a need for business to shift towards more advanced methods of marketing for addressing changes which occurred in consumer behaviour towards retail markets.  Through provision of evident direction to facts related to fluctuations in consumers attitudes during this pandemic, this research intends to discuss various changes that businesses have brought in their marketing methods.


    This study aims to introduce various marketing techniques utilised by businesses for improving market reach. Through assessment of past marketing approaches which have proven to be beneficent, this research intends to develop identify marketing strategies and methods for defiance of the stable marketing monopoly. It seeks to highlight success rate of marketing approaches for provision of opportunities of growth to new business. Comparison between various approaches of businesses towards marketing is this study purpose for finding most significant one which provides the opening for breaking marketing domination of stable companies.


                Research focus of this paper is examination of marketing strategies that India tourism-based businesses utilises. It identifies the global fascination with religious and historical destinations of India and the vast number of travellers who travels to India for visitation purposes. This study focuses on the religious aspect of this travelling and identifies the profitability and significance aspect of this kind of marketing in India. It signifies that India has global position as an emerging significant religious destination for tourists which is great opening for tourism-based businesses to adopt religion-based marketing strategy.


                In this paper, the utilisation of sentiment detection is proposed for the improvement for improvement of advertising practices. This study proposed sentiment oriented advertising practices framework which aims to develop a combination of relative advertising techniques in light of sentiment analysis for making advertisements more relevant to enhance the positive sentiments of consumers for influencing their purchase decision. The study addresses context based advertising mechanism which is a related to efficient marketing method of assignment of most relevant advertisements to generic content like web page or blog post.


                Marketing on a common ground plays a significant role in the survival of development of a business. Therefore, this study aims to provide an examination of decision of making process of consumers in a period of economic chaos. This is focused in the study so as to analyse the impact that promotional marketing of companies on purchase decisions. The research expands to elaborate the fact that recession does not affect the purchases of consumers however they do influence choices of products made. This direct the research towards the purpose of elaborating the ways in which the decisions of purchase are changed through promotions.


    In this research, a framework is presented for estimation of channel based relationship with consumers in a flexible setting that allows the reinforcement of effective relationship and provides. The study examines the influences of various channels on the consumer behaviour of purchase. This study for elaboration of the nature of this influence will be focusing solely on direct marketing context and various channels used in this approach. Consumer behaviours such as purchase amount, purchase intention and channel choice are focused for determination of impact that selected channels leave.

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