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Medical Research Topics and Aims for Students

Date published October 22 2020 by Stella Carter


Table of Contents

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    List of Best Medical Research Topics


    Receptor-interacting serine/threonine-protein kinase 1 (RIPK1) gene is responsible for various functionalities in the cellular development and cell death in different parts of the human body. Although its relationship with mental degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s is established, its different relationships with cellular activity leading to obesity are not established. This study would focus on investigations of different roles RIPK1 plays in obesity. It would also entail the evaluation of predictive techniques for obesity in young children through the analysis of their RIPK1 activities.


    An investigation regarding the effects of malnutrition and lack of medical support leading to low-weight of newborns is multivariate in different regions. It indicates that people belonging to different regions and ethnicities vary in their vulnerability of low-weight births, which in turn, indicates towards a genetic factor leading to the condition of low-weight. The current study would analyse the pattern of low-weight infant births in South Asia. It would focus on distinguishing genetic factors leading to this condition. It would entail the study of genetic variations of different ethnicities in South Asia and the annual number of low-weight birth cases in those ethnicities. 


    The advent of nanotechnology has expanded the field of its implementation in medicine. Techniques of cell transcription, drug delivery systems, and tumour diagnosis and prognosis have substantially transformed in their extent and cost-effectiveness through such devices. This study would revolve around the assessment of novel techniques developed through micro and nanodevices to examine cellular activities, cell death, impacts of various environmental changes on cellular functions etc. It would also include the investigation of such devices in the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.


    Leading research on asthma has revealed several environmental and biological factors inducing asthma attacks. Research shows a direct correlation between air pollution and the onset of asthma in the wider population. However, an increase in the number of asthma cases has been more than linear in the past three decades, even in countries with moderate air pollution. Furthermore, asthma is non-communicable condition and three decades is insufficient for a change in the genetic makeup of the society to induce asthma. This research would investigate the genetic markup of societies more vulnerable to asthma and research into the possible factors that make them more vulnerable.


    Beta-amyloid is a protein found in access quantities in the neurological structures of Alzheimer’s patients. It is a product compound of amyloid precursor protein (APP) and affects various parts of the patients throughout its processing stages. While novel research is underway to develop techniques and drugs to hinder its processing routes, research on the action of anti-bodies to influence the production of beta-amyloid and its processing is scarce. This research would investigate the effectiveness of various traditional and novel anti-bodies in altering the processing routes and reducing beta-amyloid production.


    Wilson’s disease is a recessive genetic disorder that affects the metabolism of copper in the human body. It is caused by random mutations of the ATP7B gene. Extensive research on the effectiveness of treatment through copper chelators exist. However, increasing cases of intolerance development and side effects of such treatment are occurring. The current research would investigate Extra-hepatic cell therapy coupled with genetic engineering to restore the bile excretion system to cure Wilson’s diseases without permanent damage to the liver and excretion systems. Development of precision medicine would also be investigated in the study.


    Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is a group of disorders manifesting in the new-born babies, whose mothers were exposed to medicinal drugs, opioids, and alcohol. The disorder is caused by the transference of such drugs through the placenta of the mother in the bloodstream of the fetus, consequently addicting the biological functions of the child. This study would investigate genetic variations in narcotic metabolism and pharmacodynamics contributing to the pathogenesis of NAS. It would also explore the various potential genetic therapies influencing mu-opioid receptor (OPRM1) and catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) in long-term cure of NAS induced by alcoholism.


    The rise of gender equality has considerably increased the attention towards women related diseases as well as women’s participation in medical sciences. However, a major hindrance in the provision of adequate health care to women is the insufficient data and epidemiological work relating to subgroups of women in various societies. Research has been conducted on the variation of some prominent diseases in various subgroups of women, nevertheless, detailed mechanism is missing on how these variations could be managed and a holistic healthcare provision policy could be developed. This work would focus on minimizing socioeconomic differences, fragmentation of healthcare, and develop more gender-segregated data in prominent diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular conditions and a recessive genetic disorder. This would facilitate future policy-making on the provision of healthcare to women.


    Bone degenerative diseases are caused by various external as well as internal factors, such as genetic disorders, bone implants, and other bodily implants. Treatment of the degeneration requires prolonged phases of surgeries and antibiotic usage. Stem cells are now investigated as the building block of cells in the body and utilized for treatment for various diseases and regeneration. This research focuses on a combination of stem cell technology and traditional medications to treat bone infections, which often become anti-biotic resistant during traditional treatments. The work would also investigate the combination of traditional antibiotic with different stem cells and test their effective loading time.


    The process of discovering a drug and its development is a prolonged process which requires extensive studies and data collection at different stages, such as pattern finding in patients, comparative analysis of drugs, long-term side effects drugs and determination of its development mechanisms. The technique of Big Data Analytics facilitates in the processing of extensive data and pattern finding in the fields of management, banking and engineering.  The technique can be implemented in managing and processing of extensive data during the drug development process. Therefore, this research would explore the specific fields of identification of biomarkers during drug development where BDA could facilitate. Moreover, coupled with Machine Learning, the process of pattern identification in prognostics of biomarkers would be investigated.

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