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It is evaluated that the organisation have to face several challenges in order to balance their cost with the efforts which mainly helps in enhancing the productivity. For such dynamics there is a need of firm as well as its functions for accessing the resources in the organisation across its boundaries (Nakos, Dimitratos and Elbanna, 2019). The relationship of marketing and sales is considered to be one of  the complex relationship and there are several elements which includes the sharing of information among the marketing and sales, the links on the basis of structure in marketing and sales, the power balance among them as well as the knowledge in context of sales and marketing, departmental orientations and the time and goal orientation in both of them (Sleep, Lam and Hulland, 2018).

Aims and Objectives

The main aim of the study is to analyse the impact of marketing sales relationship over the performance of the business. The main objectives which are focused for the study are as follows:

    • To analyse the concept of marketing and sales
    • To investigate the relationship between marketing and sales
    • To analyse the factors affecting marketing sales relationship
    • To investigate the impact of marketing sales relationship over business performance
    • To recommend the ways for business to improve by relying over marketing and sales

Research Questions

The questions which are focused in the research are as follows:

  1. What is the concept of marketing and sales?
  2. What is relationship between marketing and sales?
  3. What are the factors affecting marketing sales relationship?
  4. What is the impact of marketing sales relationship over business performance?


For this study, quantitative research method is being used as it mainly relies over the numeric and statistical information which helps in calculating the impact in more effective way. Primary method of data collection would be used in order to collect the data whereas, the correlation and regression analysis is opted in order to analyse the data which is gathered from 50 marketing and sales managers of different businesses.


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